How to reward your fans through Content Unlocks

Giving something back to your fans benefits both of you. They get rewarded for their support, and you have the potential to grow your fanbase. As a supporter it’s nice to feel noticed, some fans put a lot of effort into promoting on your behalf without even being asked. Why not show them you appreciate it by giving something back to them?

Content Unlock

🔓 What is a Content Unlock?

A Content Unlock is a digital reward for your fans. You set the rules, and they have to complete them to earn the reward. The choice is yours as to how many tasks you get them to complete. It could be you want them to follow you on your social media accounts or subscribe to your YouTube channel. It’s a good idea to give them options e.g. complete 2 of these 4 tasks. Once they have completed them, they’ll have access to whichever reward you have chosen.

🔓 What rewards can you offer?

🤐 Secret links

Let your fans have access to a secret URL that can’t be found anywhere else. This might be to a track you’ve released, or it could be a link to your website launch. It can be whatever you decide. Once they have completed the tasks set, they’ll be able to access the URL. Have a think about yourself in your fan’s shoes, what would you like to be able to access?

🎟 Discount code

Do you have artist merchandise? Perhaps you could add a discount code. That way, once they’ve shared your content or followed your accounts, they’ll be able to save money on a piece of your merch. It’s a win/win for you. They complete the tasks you’ve chosen, and you still earn money through the sale of your items.

📺 Hidden video

What about adding a music video or some secret behind the scene’s footage. You might share the music video at a later date across your streaming platforms, but why not start off by only letting fans see it through a Content Unlock. It will add a bonus for your fans willing to complete the requirements. Fans love having access to content before anyone else. Again, it’s a win-win for you because you already have the content ready to go.

There are so many options when it comes to creating a Content Unlock. The choices are endless. It’s completely your decision as the creator. Content Unlocks can be used by anyone. You don’t have to be a music artist to use them. It might be that you’re a small business wanting to drive attention to your brand. Why not use them and offer discounts? You can ask your customers to share your pages and follow your social media accounts. Content Unlocks are really useful features that take no time at all to create. offer a completely free service with no catch, so why not give it a try?

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