Instagram Reels now include text-to-speech features just like TikTok

You’ll now be able to use text-to-speech features along with voice effects when creating Instagram Reels. This is something TikTok has offered for what seems like forever. It’s a hugely popular feature within the world of TikTok creators so it’s sure to be a much loved addition to Instagram.

Social media becomes more inclusive

Instagram are following in their rival’s footsteps. Many TikTok users appreciate the text-to-speech feature that the video sharing app offers. It allows them to place text within their video and have it read out loud when their followers click on their video. Although the voice has been described as robotic, it is hugely popular and has become valued within the world of TikTok. It stands out now and is easily recognised by all of its users.

It isn’t just a valued feature for novelty reasons, however. The text-to-speech option makes the app more accessible for those with vision needs or anyone who may need to hear spoken words rather than reading text. It might not completely bridge the gap, but it does help to make things more inclusive. That’s why we’re thrilled Instagram are adopting this feature as it will make their app easier to use too.

Not only can you convert your text to speech but you can also use voice effects on Instagram. Since the launch of reels in 2020, they’ve been in huge competition with TikTok. Well their rivals have recently evolved to featuring various Disney character voices into their options. This is where Instagram have tried to compete yet again. They’re not quite at this stage yet, but you’ll now be able to add voice effects to your reels.

Choose from sounding like a robot, a giant or even like you’ve swallowed too much helium. It might add some humour and a bit of fun to Instagram’s video creating feature. Also, who wouldn’t want to watch a little tutorial from the BFG?

How to use these new features

To use text-to-speech within your reels is super easy. Head to create a reel in the normal way you would, either select a video to add or record your own. Then add some text to your video. Next you’ll need to tap the text bubble until the three dots appear. You’ll then see the text-to-speech feature. Once you’ve clicked this, choose the voice option you want, and then you’re good to go.

Adding voice effects to your reels is also really simple. Again you upload your video or create it within Instagram, then you click on the music note which will open the audio mixer. Click on effects and choose the option you want. Why not give it a go and see how it changes your videos? You could use it on any type of account.

Whatever one social platform does, the rest seem to follow at some stage. They’re all in competition with each other, however, each one of them is useful in their own way. So, in that sense, there is enough room for everyone. Seeing more of the popular features crossover into other platforms shows that they’re interested in what their users want to see.

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