Get paid to create Instagram Reels

TikTok’s rival just got more intense. You can now be paid to create Instagram Reels. Great news for content creators. They can now earn more money through their social media posts. Creatives can be paid up to $35,000 a month, providing they reach the threshold for views.

Be paid to create reels

Instagram is now offering money to content creators who post regular reels. In July Instagram announced it would be starting a bonus program. This came after CEO Mark Zuckerberg said they would be paying $1 billion to creators during 2022.

The amount of money you could earn will come down to how many views you get on your content. One user has apparently been offered $35,000 providing their reels get 58.31 million views in a month. That’s quite some turnaround asked for. However, the money they’re being offered is no small figure.

It isn’t just huge time creators being offered payment though. A smaller creator who has 52,000 followers has reported they’ve been offered $1,000 for their content. Of course, their following isn’t small by any means however, it isn’t that 58 million views the other creative has been asked for.

Is it simply a case by case basis?

Other Instagram talents are being offered $600 to $800. It seems there is no set payment plan in place just yet. It looks like it’s on a case by case basis. However, it does seem with this method there may be room for arguments. If one creative gets wind of another with fewer views and followers being paid a similar amount, they might feel unfairly paid.

An example of this is a creator being paid $8,500 who has 24,000 followers on Instagram, Meanwhile, the same payment was offered to an account with 15,000 followers. Is it down to views alone? Or does follower count come into it? It seems bizarre that a company who are so heavy on gaining followers organically could put something down to follower count.

As it seems early days for this type of plan, it’s likely it hasn’t been fully decided how they’ll move ahead with everything. Perhaps they’ll eventually have a scheme you can apply for, in the same way you can apply for your account to be verified. If not, hopefully they’ll make it clearer how you can get yourself selected.

It’s clear it’s come from their rivals over at TikTok where creators have been getting paid for creating their content. There is now more of an incentive to have accounts on both platforms and to create videos for both of them. Now you’ll be able to be paid twice for the work you create.

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