Put your name on it: the importance of personalised campaign URLs

Each of our campaigns are shared via a URL which you can tailor to reflect what’s contained within. Find out why branding your URLs is key to your campaigns.

❓What is a personalised URL?

Each of our digital marketing tools (Fan Links, Pre-saves and Content Unlocks) are shared via a URL. This URL is the first thing people will see before deciding whether to click on your campaign or not.

PUSH allows you to tailor these URLs for free so you can choose any ending you want. The best endings are short, sharp and informative; you want your audience to know what’s contained within the link instantly.

Push FM fan link URL

✏ Why should I personalise my URL?


Tailored URLs look far better than a URL consisting of a handful of random letters and numbers. You can also make them as long or as short as you want depending on what you’re promoting in your link.


One of the main reasons to personalise your URL is so your audience know exactly what the link is and what it contains before they’ve even opened it. Having an informative URL will drastically improve your engagement and conversion rates.

Non-descript or inaccurate URL titles are likely to lead to high bounce rates due to people not finding what they were anticipating.


Finally, personalised URLs make your life easier as the creator because you can speedily and efficiently sort through your links and quickly identify what each one contains.

Can’t remember what smart link you have in your Instagram bio? With a personalised URL you can quickly and easily identify what link appears there.

🌍 Where should I share my campaign URLs?

You can put your URL anywhere online. If it has a text box, you can share it there. Just a few places you can share your campaigns include:

  • Social bios
  • Social posts
  • Emails/newsletters
  • Video descriptions (e.g. YouTube)
  • Live stream descriptions (e.g. Twitch)
  • Social media stories
  • CVs
  • Song descriptions (e.g. SoundCloud, Bandcamp)
  • Forums (e.g. Reddit)
  • Physical business cards or flyers

Along with tailoring your URLs, PUSH offers a wealth of customisation opportunities across all of their free tools.

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