Threads introduces methods to mark ‘false content’ on the platform

For a while now, Threads has been relying on Instagram and Facebook’s resources. However, now, they’re adding their own fact-checking service to avoid misinformation.

Threads introduces methods to mark 'false content' on the platform. Threads logo on a background of Threads graphics squiggles.

Threads is rolling out its own fact-checking service. Rather than relying on the tools from its Meta family; Facebook and Instagram, Threads is now adding its own. For a few months now, it has been relying on the service of Instagram and Facebook, but no longer.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, mentioned the company recently introducing their own fact-checkers. This enables Threads to mark content as false or misleading. Thereby avoiding the spread of misinformation, which, as seen in the past, can be damaging.

The Instagram lead didn’t mention any details about the program or its roll-out, though. Therefore, we are none the wiser whether it’s a worldwide feature or not. X (formerly Twitter) seem to be the one platform that have previously spoken in detail about fact checking.

Of course, this feature came onto the platform before Twitter became X. We aren’t certain what Elon Musk chose to do with that technology. However, we do know, Instagram and Facebook haven’t been as forthcoming with their information.

It’s said that Threads new updates have come ahead of the US election. Not only that but, India is in the middle of their elections too. Perhaps this new fact-checking feature was designed to stop political parties spreading propaganda and hate.

Meta mentioned back in December they wanted to introduce fact-checking to Threads, but then things went a little quiet. Nonetheless, the addition is greatly appreciated and does make the platform much safer for users who otherwise might believe lies placed there.

Having a fact-checking service should be a priority for every social media platform. After all, putting the wrong information into the wrong hands can be extremely damaging. It’s no wonder parents are concerned about their children’s safety online, when anything can be said. sign up for free GIF
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