Threads add new features – bookmarking and trending topics

Threads came about to rival X (formerly Twitter). However, it has long been missing some key features. Now, it seems they’re slowly catching up.

Threads, Instagram’s take on a Twitter-like app, is getting some upgrades to make it more like its competitor X. Now, you can see trending topics, snap photos directly in the app, save drafts, and, new as of today, bookmark posts for later viewing.

This bookmarking feature lets you save posts privately, rather than just liking them publicly with a heart icon. Bookmarking is a hit among former X users and news buffs. It’s handy for collecting links and posts you want to revisit later.

Maybe it’s a long article you didn’t have time to read yet or some important info you want to remember. On X, paying subscribers can even organise their bookmarks into folders for easier browsing. But on Threads, finding the bookmarking feature is a tad trickier.

Instead of a simple tap on the post, you have to go into the three-dot menu to find the “Save” option. To check your bookmarks later, you’ll have to go into the Settings screen. Some users were excited about this news, shared through Threads.

However, others were disappointed when they didn’t see the feature yet. Instagram is rolling out these updates gradually, so not everyone gets them at once. Threads might be a bit slower on updates because it has fewer resources compared to other apps owned by Meta.

Still, Threads has a good number of users—about 130 million every month. But bookmarks aren’t the only new thing in Threads. Users are also getting notifications from Threads and Facebook in their Instagram notifications.

Threads is also testing a feature where you can post from Facebook directly to Threads. Just like you currently can from Instagram to Threads. The three Meta platforms entwine nicely together and if they could solidify their relationship it might benefit them greatly.

After all, Threads was introduced to rival X. So, if creators can get Instagram, Threads and Facebook all under one roof, arguably, why would they need to use alternative companies? They could just stick with all things Meta. sign up for free GIF
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