Marketing 101: what is a marketing campaign?

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If you’re starting to market your content yourself, it’s important you know exactly what campaigns are and what goes into planning them.

Some people dedicate their whole lives to mastering the art of marketing. However, as a musician or content creator, you simply don’t have the time to make marketing your full time job. By getting a grasp on the basics of marketing, you can easily, quickly and efficiently market and promote your content to your fans.

Today, we’ll be looking at what marketing campaigns are, what they can consist of and how you can make a campaign successful.

What is a campaign?

🚩 A marketing campaign is when an action, or a series of actions, is taken to promote a brand, product or release. The intended outcome of a marketing campaign can range from raising brand awareness to driving sales/streams.

🧩 Each brand’s marketing campaign is shaped around their audience, their personality and the goals they want to achieve. Campaigns aren’t just suited to ‘brands’ in the traditional sense of the word; any attempt at promotion by any kind of content creator is an example of a marketing campaign.

What factors go into building a campaign?

No two campaigns will be the same; each will differ heavily depending on a large number of factors:

🎯 Goals/Outcomes – these are what you want to achieve with your campaign. They can be as simple as growing your social fan base, to as complex as increasing your search engine ranking in a certain topic.

📺 Channels – Where will your content and campaign be run? If using social media, consider what platforms your audience are using most and where your content flourishes.

🎭 Audience – Your audiences’ taste and preference should heavily influence your campaigns. Think what message they’ll best interact with and where they’ll easily see this message.

📼 Content Format – Think about the type of content you’ll use in your campaign; images, videos, digital adverts, audio adverts etc. You don’t have to stick to one either, most campaigns will utilise multiple different formats to best suit their brand and audience.

📿 Brand Values – Remember your campaigns should be in-keeping with your brand’s ethos and how they want to be portrayed by their audience.

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