Smart links; an all-in-one page to market your podcast

Smart Links are sharable URLs that route your listeners to your podcast on their preferred platforms, all whilst collecting valuable engagement insights.

🎧 Listeners are increasingly wanting quick, efficient and easily-accessible ways of accessing the content they love. This means that sharing countless URLs in one social post will often put people off; it looks messy and can be difficult to navigate. Listeners also want speed; it’s timely to manually search for your podcast on their platforms, especially if it’s tricky to find.

🧳 Smart links, which we call Fan Links, solve these problems head on. All of your links are bundled up in one sharable URL; listeners can pick and choose which link(s) they click through. This saves them time, clicks, and removes the need seek out your podcast on their preferred platform themselves.

🔗 There’s no limit to the links you want to include too. Add various listening platforms, your socials, any recent interviews or collaborations you’ve done or even link in your recently made merchandise shop. It’s totally up to you.

🎨 As well as having free reign over the URLs you include, these smart links are also totally customisable. Add your own link title, image, store logos and button texts. You can totally tailor is to suit your exact need and vibe and your fan’s preferences.

📊 Last but not least, smart links provide you with audience insights. You can easily find out how many clicks your link has had, and how many each URL you’ve included in it, has had. Use these to improve and plan your future marketing campaigns and which platforms you focus your attentions on.

💸 Podcasters can build Fan Links for free using You’re entitled to create up to 30 active Fan Links without spending a penny. If you want unlimited Fan Links, you can subscribe to our paid plan for only £4.99 a month.

To find out how to build a Fan Link for your podcast and start pushing your all-in-one-link, check out our step by step guide.

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