Professional cleaning services – how to advertise your company

If you’re a cleaning company trying to find new clients, you might find it hard if you aren’t promoting yourself effectively. This business based in Slough have created themselves a free marketing link which could help them expand their customer base.

Often, cleaning businesses have quite a lot of competition. Whether it’s other large businesses, or small self-employed businesses made up of one person. It can be hard to sell yourself. You often need to rely on word of mouth and marketing yourself the best you can.

However, many overlook a lot of marketing techniques. They create themselves a Facebook page, but then hope that potential clients come to them. It takes more than that. You need to be promoting yourself enough to draw people in.

This Slough cleaning company has done exactly that. They haven’t stopped at a social media page. Instead, they have created a Smart Link which contains their website. On their website is all the information a potential client might need.

Unlimited links within a Smart Link

A way they could improve their link is by adding a direct URL which takes a client to their pricing page. They could also link people directly to their social media accounts too. The more URLs you have within one Smart Link, the better.

It gives people more option. They don’t have to search through a website to find answers. Instead, the Smart Link could give them everything they might need. However, this example is a great start and over time, could be built upon.

With a Smart Link, you can add a unique URL. Customising this to match your business name, just allows the link to be completely yours. It is a fair representation of your company. Along with the URL, you can add a description to your link, informing people who you are.

Endless customisation options

Not to forget a Custom Image, and if you choose to upgrade your account, a Background Image. This is where you add your logo. Again, finding a way to flow your business identity through your promotional content.

A Smart Link should not only be added to all of your social media bios, but also be shared whenever you can. With every social post, reference back to your link. This is where your resources are kept, so you need to promote it.

It’s free to create, and you can add an unlimited amount of URLs to your Smart Link. So, why wouldn’t you utilise this feature? It’s an extra way of getting your brand out there. With all the competition cleaning companies face, why wouldn’t you give it a go? sign up for free GIF
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