YouTube Premium subscribers will access 1080p playback on desktop

YouTube Premium users will now be able to access a resolution option through the web. Users worldwide will see the new enhanced feature through the playback option.

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YouTube Premium subscribers should now be able to see a new quality of video. When choosing a video option from the drop-down menu, those who pay for a subscription will now be able to select an enhanced 1080p playback option. It will appear next to the normal 1080p video option. The difference is, those who aren’t subscribed can’t access the playback version.

Earlier this year, YouTube said they were in the process of testing a version of their 1080p quality. This version would provide more pixels which would lead to a higher quality video and better overall user experience. It’s suggested that this higher pixel count could result in a better quality video without needing higher resolutions.

For example, users will be able to see a higher quality video without turning their video to 4K. It might not seem an issue to turn the video into a higher resolution, however, with this comes slower speeds as you’re working with much larger file sizes. It can lead to buffering and slow loading content because it requires really high internet speeds to steam this content.

YouTube have previously introduced this quality to iOS devices. However, now even more users will be able to access it as it’s now available on desktops. The platform have recently increased their subscription prices. It once cost $12 per month and now costs $14. Over a year, this price difference adds up.

With this however, adverts are removed and of course now there will be high quality background playback. It could be the idea option for those who love to have videos on the go. Perhaps even those who don’t always have access to a strong internet connection, maybe they can stream 1080p but not 4. If they subscribe, they get the best of both.

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