50 million Premium YouTube users – should other streaming stores be worried?

YouTube Premium allows users to download videos and songs to stream later on. This allows their members to watch and listen to their chosen videos without requiring an internet connection. Just in the same way stores like Spotify and Apple Music allow their users to download songs to stream offline. Does this mean YouTube have officially won the ongoing competition?

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Recently Google have announced they’ve hit 50 million users for their premium and music service. YouTube Premium allows you to download content for you to watch or listen to later. This acts as an offline streaming platform to rival other streaming stores. YouTube Music is a streaming platform for exactly that, music. Whereas YouTube Premium allows videos to be downloaded. YouTube Music simply offers albums and tracks to be saved, in the same way the likes of Spotify do. It seems in December YouTube reported 30 million premium/music users. So, in a few short months, they have made quite the leap.

There is no clear number provided by Google as to exactly how many YouTube Premium users compared to YouTube Music users they have. However, the 50 million mark is outstanding considering how many other services offer paid streaming. What was once Google Play is now YouTube Music. It would be interesting to know the exact numbers of paid users for YouTube Music compared with YouTube Premium. With YouTube Premium you have the advantage of being able to download videos to watch offline also. Maybe this is why they have seen such an increase in users.

Does it perhaps just come down to preference? People tend to either side with Spotify or Apple Music. No one ever seems to argue points for both of them. Maybe this is the case with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. It may be that they cater more towards music video fans, while the other streaming stores still have the majority of users who just want to stream the tracks. Or, have YouTube come out on top once again and other streaming stores simply can’t compete?

🤑 Overall cost

Streaming ServiceCost/mo
YouTube Premium$11.99
YouTube Music$9.99
Apple Music$9.99

These costs are all based upon a US subscription fee per month. Streaming platforms may offer promotions and deals at different times across the year. They might also include discounts for students and other individuals. However, this is their standard price per month. YouTube Premium is slightly higher than the rest, but that makes sense. They offer more for your money. It isn’t just songs you can download, it’s also videos. Meaning for just one subscription you get the best of both worlds.

All premium subscriptions remove ads, which is a major benefit of paying for a streaming service. All services allow you to browse other apps while using them. It ensures that you can still carry about your day without your music being shut off. Who remembers before streaming services were popular, when you’d be hooked on a YouTube video, switch to another app, and suddenly it’s disappeared?

Without knowing an exact breakdown of these figures, it is difficult to decide. There’s no real way of seeing which platform is performing better and whether YouTube have officially outrun their competitors. Surely there’s room for all of them though, right?

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