YouTube celebrate 50 years of hip-hop

YouTube have put together a playlist of 2,000 music videos to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop being a popular music genre. These videos came from the platform’s archival treasury.

We’ve officially had the music genre hip hop for 50 years now. YouTube are marking the occasion by resharing some classic music videos displaying the best songs within the genre. Along with the music videos themselves, YouTube are talking about the top names within the hip-hop scene. The music platform has started a hip-hop campaign.

The campaign is called Fifty Deep and within it, you’ll find a list of 2,000 music videos throughout hip-hop history. There are multiple playlists within YouTube Music that have been created for the campaign. Hip-hop fans will even find a four-hour-long playlist containing some of the best hits throughout the past 50 years.

The YouTube Director of Black Music, Tuma Basa has said that the songs within the playlists will “celebrate rappers from Ice T to Ice Spice.” Hip-hop has been around for half a century and YouTube are making sure all content that was once music fans favourites can still be accessed easily by those who might still love it today.

Basa stated “If you’re like me, you watched your favourite music videos on Yo! MTV Raps or BET’s Rap City over and over again. Fast forward to today and YouTube allows us to watch almost any video at any time in almost any place.” This is why YouTube has become arguably the most popular platform of its lifetime.

It allows anyone around the world to access content that they may love, or, content they have never seen before. It allows music to be passed down throughout generations. This includes the once very popular genre, hip-hop. Will it rise in popularity again now that the world celebrates a huge milestone birthday?

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