Spotify and FC Barcelona season kick off featuring Calvin Harris and more

Both Spotify and FC Barcelona kick off their new partnership and the start of the season. They’re starting on a high by placing LED boards around the pitch advertising artists; Calvin Harris, Megan Thee Stallion, Lauv and Fireboy DML.

Pictured above is Ousmane Dembélé in the club’s new kit. Their recent partnership with Spotify has seen the kit be updated to advertise the streaming platform. Not only is Spotify being advertised across the grounds, but so are artists. The stadium renamed Spotify Camp Nou has been revamped with LED boards advertising some of Spotify’s artists. This is said to be put in place to help artists gain further interest.

Spotify have suggested it will act as a global stage, promoting artist’s work throughout FC Barcelona’s matches. Football and music are uniting through this partnership. Both are considered hobbies and interests and often go hand in hand with one another. Even if people don’t realise it. The streaming giants are going to be showcasing more and more artists throughout the matches to come acting as a platform to boost listeners.

The stadium itself will have screens playing the latest releases from various music icons across the world. The first to be featured are LauvCalvin HarrisMegan Thee Stallionand Fireboy DML. It will be interesting to see if Spotify only promote well established artists, as many could argue the ones selected don’t require the extra promo. Instead, it would be nice to see upcoming artists have their name in lights. Drawing more attention to smaller, independent song writers and musicians.

This partnership has been secured from the 2022/23 season right up until the 2025/26 season. It gives Spotify some time to make an impact. Not only are the audio platform sponsors of the men’s team, but also the women’s team too. Perhaps this will give artists a chance to even perform at big games. Spotify have said “Ever since we announced the partnership, we’ve been excited to welcome fans to the Spotify Camp Nou for the start of the new season.” It seems both parties are excited to welcome this new adventure.

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