Spotify connects listeners through group sessions

Spotify have introduced many features which allow you to connect with friends and family through music. Blends allows you to create playlists based upon various music tastes. However, Listening Together was designed to bring you even close. You pause your music? Theirs pauses too.

Female cartoon, faceless head on blue circle background next to male cartoon, faceless head on red circle background. Underneath is a Spotify play bar. Surrounding them are various sizes of headphones.

Instead of asking your friends what they’re listening to, why not join them? According to Spotify, every minute across the world, 30,000 people play the same song on Spotify. So, even when you think you’ve found a hidden gem, there will be others listening to it. Why not join in with others listening habits and synchronise your timings. Listening Together was designed to unite people even when they can’t physically be together.

Let your friends know what playlist you’re loving and get them to listen in too. When people hit play on certain playlists, a virtual 3D map would appear, displaying the track name and the country or city where a connection is taking place. It allowed users to see what tracks brought people together. You have the option to be with your friends when you can’t be with them. The connections would allow users to share the same playlist experience. You could pause your track, and it would pause theirs too.

Don’t like a song? Skip it, but be warned, it will skip for your buddy too. It offers a chance to share music almost like you’re in the same room. Connect with friends across the world and have total control of each other’s music. Distance doesn’t have to limit anything when it comes to Spotify. You could join a link with up to four other people and all share a playlist. These links were sent out across messaging or social media apps, encouraging friends to join. It didn’t seem Spotify promoted this feature as much as others. This was revealed in 2020 and still many people don’t know about it.

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