PUSH.fm vs Linkfire – Reward Links reviewed and compared

Reward Links can be used to grow fan engagement. They’re a fantastic tool to encourage your audience to interact with your work. Both Linkfire and PUSH.fm offer the use of Reward Links. With PUSH.fm they are completely free. So, how do the two companies compare?

PUSH Reward Link

What is a Reward Link?

A Reward Link is as fun as it sounds. It’s a way of rewarding your fans for engaging with your content. Not only that, but you also get rewarded for their interaction. As the creative you will set up your Reward Link with a list of requirements. Your fans must complete the tasks set in order to be able to access a reward at the end. If you’re looking to grow your social media accounts, you could set up a Reward Link and set a task that your fans must follow you on at least 2 of your social platforms in order to access the hidden reward. You can specify whether they must follow certain accounts, or if they can follow any you have provided.

By this, we mean, if you are trying to grow your Instagram account, you would specify that they must follow you on Instagram. However, you may then state they can follow you on any other account as well. Or, you might be strict and decide they have to follow you on Instagram and Twitter as a minimum. The choice is yours. You can choose whether you set must do tasks or have everything as optional. Either way, your fans will need to complete certain actions in order to get the reward. Perhaps you’re a music artist, and you want your followers to interact with your music accounts. Request that they follow your Spotify, or subscribe to your YouTube.

No matter what your niche, you can set tasks that are relevant to you. When your fans have completed your challenges, they will be able to access their reward. Again, it’s your decision what the reward is. Maybe you want to add a downloadable file that contains a secret track no one has heard before. Or, you might want to provide a voucher to your store, so your followers can put it towards purchasing a product from you. Maybe you are going to include a link to a video of you putting your content together. Something behind the scenes that your fans wouldn’t have otherwise saw.

What is Linkfire?

Linkfire describes themselves as the world leading off-platform entertainment discovery network. They provide a platform for their users to create various links which can be shared with followers and consumers. They offer Smart Links and under this umbrella they also have the option to create Pre-saves and Reward Links. Running since 2014 they aim to make digital marketing easier for musicians.

How much does Linkfire cost?

Linkfire have 2 payment options. These are either a basic version or a more professional version. It will depend on how many links you require and what you’re looking for in a service as to which pricing plan you choose to go with. You will need to upgrade to their pro version if you want to access the Pre-save feature. This is a really important feature for musicians especially, because Pre-saves can help your music grow. Take a look at their pricing tiers below:

Linkfire pricing plans
Sourced from Linkfire’s website

What is PUSH.fm?

PUSH.fm is a website that provides creatives the tools they need to market themselves and their work. You can create Pre-saves, Reward Links and Smart Links for any business, brand or creative avenue you want. These links can be used within your bio on social media platforms, and you can use these to promote yourself and your latest work. You can customise them to suit you as a creative. Personalise your URL and add your own artwork. There’s even an option to create unique store logos.

How much does PUSH.fm cost?

We have 2 different pricing tiers. The first is our completely free, no catch version, and the second is our premium option which is $5 per month. Both options allow anyone access to unlimited Pre-saves, Smart Links and Reward Links. You can swap between the free and premium version at any time if you later decide you want to upgrade. There is no contract, so you are not tied into anything. You can see our pricing tiers below:

PUSH.fm pricing tiers

PUSH.fm or Linkfire?

Both sites offer a brilliant service for their users. You could expand your audience massively by using the promotional tools available. These links can help you grow much further than previously. As platforms such as Instagram and TikTok only allow one link per bio, it makes complete sense to use a Smart Link to keep all of your links under one URL. Therefore, you’re sticking to the platform’s rules but also are able to promote all your relevant links. Both PUSH.fm and Linkfire can offer you fantastic service and by using various features they have available we’re sure you’ll see huge changes in your marketing.

While both options offer you a quality service, it’s important to point out that PUSH.fm offer a completely free service. Perhaps we’re biased but to us, it seems like a no-brainer to use a service that has no cost behind it. Here at PUSH we want all creatives to have access to promotional tools. We don’t believe background or wealth should come into it and that’s why we have made even our premium option affordable. There is no requirement for you to upgrade, however. If you don’t need to expand your storage then you could easily stick with our free plan.

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