Instagram now lets you post directly from your desktop

Great news for content creators, marketing specialists, social media managers and basically everyone who uses Instagram from their computer. Instagram have finally allowed us to post directly from our desktop to the platform. No need to send photos and videos to your phone to upload them any longer.

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🖥 A game changer for desktop users

It’s real, there’s no catch. Instagram have finally allowed their users to post directly from their desktop to the app. What was once a nightmare task, has been made so much easier by Instagram adding this feature. It’s about time as well. Desktops were around long before mobiles and that’s where the world of all things social was first formed, so why were we waiting so long for this feature? I understand Instagram was created as a social media app, but every other platform allows you to post from any device.

Anyway, there’s no need to complain any more. Instagram have finally come through for content creators of all kinds. It all came from their recent policy changes. They’ve updated the browser interface by adding a small but wonderful button, letting everyone post from their computer. No longer do desktop users have to use a third party to post their updates to the platform. It was certainly clunky before. You either had to send the content to a smartphone, or use another website to send directly to Instagram. It made a simple process really long-winded.

🥁 Drum roll please…

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Look at that plus symbol. What a beautiful thing it is. Yes, we’re excited if you couldn’t already tell. When you click on it, you’ll see a create new post pop up appear. You can then select a photo or video directly from your computer. That’s right, we said photo or video. They haven’t only limited it to still images which we would have anticipated. Instead, they’ve included moving images also. The one thing you can’t upload is a reel, however, baby steps…

Not only that, but you can add multiple images just like you would in a normal post. There’s an option to zoom in or out, so you can crop it to the correct size. Also, you’re able to select a filter for your content. It’s basically the same as the smartphone version now in terms of how you can post.

Don’t forget to add your hashtags and your description. Again you can tag other users and include your location. The feature not yet available is the option to share it to Facebook as well as Instagram. However, we can let that slide for now. It really opens new doors and saves creatives a lot of time.

Better late than never as they say. Thank you, Instagram, it’s certainly appreciated here at PUSH, and I’m sure every other social media and desktop user is thrilled also. It’s a game changer. Keep them coming.

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