Dreamina an AI video editing platform owned by CapCut

CapCut have relaunched their platform Dreamina. Its official name is Jimeng in Chinese, and the service will allow creatives to edit videos using AI.

Dreamina an AI video editing platform owned by CapCut. Dreamina graphics.
Credit: Dreamina

CapCut Dreamina has officially rebranded itself as ‘Jimeng’ in Chinese. Along with the rebranding, they have completed a full launch of the AI drawing and AI video editing functions. Tools which will benefit content creators worldwide.

Under its new brand, Jimeng offers core functions including; image generation, intelligent canvas, and video generation. All of which is aimed at providing users with a more convenient and intelligent creative experience. Making the process easier.

With regard to image generation, Jimeng allows users to convert text descriptions into images, granting them artistic freedom with the assistance of AI technology. All you need to do is input a prompt, and Jimeng will do the rest for you.

The intelligent canvas feature is another standout of Jimeng. Employing interactive design to enable users to easily manipulate images, rearrange them, and create new visuals based on prompts. Essentially allowing anyone to create great content.

When it comes to video generation, Jimeng can transform text descriptions into videos and also supports the use of images to generate video content through AI intelligence. This not only introduces a fresh approach to video creation but also opens up new possibilities.

The possibilities for diverse and personalised video content grows massively with the help of the platform. Furthermore, Jimeng has plans to introduce a “Story Creation” feature, which will enhance its product line by allowing users to utilise AI technology.

The technology will be used to craft vivid and personalised stories. This addition will offer users a novel creative experience while empowering content creators with innovative possibilities. Tell a story through images and video, all with the help of AI.

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