Apple Music’s 10-day countdown – see the 100 Best Albums of all time

Apple Music has begun a 10-day countdown. During these 10 days, the streaming platform will share the top 100 albums of all time.

Apple Music's 10-day countdown - see the 100 Best Albums of all time. Screenshot of the top albums display.

Apple Music have started their 10-day countdown. During this time, they will be regularly sharing the top 100 albums of all time. This will cover a huge range of genres and music styles. Apple users can choose to follow along each day.

When speaking about this new idea, the streaming company has said, “The list is an editorial statement, fully independent of any streaming numbers on Apple Music — a love letter to the records that have shaped the world music lovers live and listen in.”

The idea is this album will bring together Apple Music as a whole. All the tracks that make the streaming platform exist essentially. These are all the songs that perform the best and continue to bring listeners back to the platform time and time again.

Apple Music have gone on to say they’re incredibly proud of their work, and this new feature will tell a story. It should really show a journey through time, considering the albums will be the best performing throughout the years. We should see various genres and changes.

A select group of artists were chosen to curate this playlist; Maren Morris, Pharrell Williams, J Balvin, Charli XCX, Mark Hoppus, Honey Dijon, and Nia Archives. They also included industry professionals like songwriters and producers. All working on one end goal.

The top ranking for places 100-91:

  • 100. Body Talk, Robyn
  • 99. Hotel California, Eagles
  • 98. ASTROWORLD, Travis Scott
  • 97. Rage Against the Machine, Rage Against the Machine
  • 96. Pure Heroine, Lorde
  • 95. Confessions, USHER
  • 94. Untrue, Burial
  • 93. A Seat at the Table, Solange
  • 92. Flower Boy, Tyler, The Creator
  • 91. Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, George Michael

There’s a brand-new website that has been made for the 100 Best Albums. Apple users can head over and count down the list, viewing various graphics while they make use of the social media integration. It will be interesting to see which artists and albums are added.

This is a feature users can stay active with. They can regularly check in for updates. Apple are planning to host a roundtable via Apple Music. This will air worldwide on the 22nd May 2024. Until then, you can be sure to see their regular updates via the website. sign up for free GIF
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