Apple Music Replay becomes a monthly product

Apple Music Replay is an annual product that is similar to that of Spotify Wrapped. It shows music lovers their favourite artists and most played tracks throughout the year. But, now it seems Apple are planning to turn this into a monthly event!

Apple Music Replay becomes a monthly product. Screenshot of Apple Music Replay.
Credit: Apple Music

Apple Music has just launched a new monthly version of its Replay feature. This is like a recap of your favourite songs, artists, and albums, but now you can see it every month. You need an Apple ID to access it on their website. Which, anyone who uses their products will have.

Besides showing your top tracks, it also tells you how much time you spend listening to music each month and celebrates milestones like reaching a certain number of minutes played. You can share these insights with friends and family. Who has the most minutes?

You can also look back at your past monthly and yearly stats. However, you’ll only get monthly stats if you listen to a lot of music. This new monthly feature is probably Apple’s way of keeping up with Spotify Wrapped, which introduced new features like an AI DJ.

The rival also introduced city matching based on listening history in 2023. Finding your dream city, which gives you an insight into where you should possibly travel to or even move to. All based upon the type of music you listen to each month.

If you’re interested, Apple’s Replay Mix playlist for 2024 is now available in the Apple Music app. This playlist is a collection of your top songs from the year, and it gets updated weekly. See how your music taste changes throughout the year.

As you find new artists or genres you enjoy, your Replay might change. You can compare your music habits from one month to the next. Will it be an exciting addition for music artists? Or, will it be overdone, ruining the magic of the yearly round-up? sign up for free GIF
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