How to easily find high protein vegan recipes without annoying adverts

Ok so a couple of things that can be tricky – first, is finding ANY recipe online without annoying pop-ups and adverts appearing throughout the page. Second, finding vegan recipes that are high in protein.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I look up any recipe online, I always come across so many adverts. You find yourself aimlessly scrolling to try and locate the ingredients. Then, they’re rarely placed right next to the method. Instead, you’re scrolling through pointless chitchat. Either, about the writer’s life story, or, about other recipes you can find.

When I’m looking for a recipe, that’s all I want. I don’t want to read paragraphs of text before finding the ingredients list hidden somewhere down the page. I also don’t want to continue to scroll to find the instructions on how to create the dish. It seems impossible. These websites might be free, but, they’re incredibly frustrating.

Online recipes have pop-ups

Adverts popping up left, right and centre. Almost impossible to avoid, even with an ad blocker on. I always end up clicking on one accidentally and being bounced elsewhere. Or, I find myself being redirected back to the top of the page halfway through the recipe. It’s annoying. I could buy a recipe book, I know. However, they’re usually hit-and-miss.

When reading a recipe book, I find myself saying yes to a fraction of the meal suggestions. The rest, either don’t appeal to me, or have ingredients I’ll never use again, so I’m not interested in buying. This leaves each book collecting dust on the shelf, and more importantly, taking up room in a minimal world. Then, we come to the next issue.

High protein vegan meals

High protein usually means meat. Well, it doesn’t have to, we all know that, but typically, when you speak about protein, most people’s minds flick to meat. After all, meat is a great source of protein. Unless, you’re either vegan or vegetarian. While veggies might get extra protein in other ways, vegans can’t always. A lot of fake versions can contain dairy.

So, what’s the alternative? A lack of protein? No. There are many vegan high protein meals out there. You just need to know what to work with. How can you if we’re boycotting annoying recipe pages? Well, by simply heading to the Pay Link displayed above. Yes, it costs. However, it’s been set at Name Your Price. Therefore, YOU can decide how much to pay.

Choose how much you pay

If you want to pay $1 for 4 downloadable recipe cards, you can. It’s your choice. That’s the beauty of it. Once you’ve paid, you can download the cards and have access to them forever. The recipe cards come without annoying pop-ups or ads. Instead, they’re simple and so easy to read. They state the portions the recipe will make, as well as the length of time to make.

You get to see a photo of how the meal should turn out, and there’s a variety of choices. No two meals are the same. The ingredients are right by the method, and the method has been broken down to make it easy. Plus, it’s all digital, so no need to print anything (unless you want to). We think Pay Links for this type of service is the way forward. sign up for free GIF
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