Instagram’s secret emoji game

Getting left on read never felt so good. Now, Instagram have created a game which will help you pass the time. They’ve added a ‘keepy uppy’ game which users can play with their favourite emojis.

Ok so, the instructions above were wrong… sorry about that. But, we’re here to let you know exactly how it all works. Instagram secretly launched a new game that users can access through their direct messages. All it needs is an emoji to get started.

Send your favourite person any emoji of your choice. We’ve found it’s easier with round ones like all the face reactions, but then again, our high score is embarrassing low, so, if you have some kind of talent with this game, you could possibly keep a whale from falling…

Once you’ve sent an emoji to someone via DMs, press on that emoji once. Despite what the video above says, we’ve tried and tested it, and you only need to press it once. Otherwise, you end up liking and unliking your own message (which is kind of uncool, right).

When pressing on that emoji, you’ll be taken to the game page. You’ll see your emoji appear and a little black board at the bottom of your screen. Your emoji will start bouncing across the screen, and your job is to keep it up. Don’t let it hit the ground.

To do this, you’ll need to move the board from left to right using your hands. Allow your emoji to bounce off the board and back into the air. Continue to repeat this. However, be warned, it gets faster and faster as time goes on. Making the game quite the challenge.

It’s a bit of fun. No one can see your score or even if you’ve had a go. It’s only for you, so why not give it a try and see what high score you can achieve. But, be warned, we’ve learnt the hard way… it’s pretty addicting once you get started.

The best part is trying your luck with various emojis. We’ve found the hearts to be more of a challenge than a round face. But, we’d imagine the more obscure the emoji, the harder it is to keep it going. Pick your favourite emoji and have a go for yourself. sign up for free GIF
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