Shadowbanning on TikTok is real – why your video has no views

We’ve spoken before about various reasons why your TikTok video simply isn’t being pushed. However, we haven’t yet dived into shadowbanning and why, despite social platforms denying it, your videos really can be hidden.

Shadowbanning is a concept that has floated around social channels for quite some time. Some believe in it, others don’t. It’s almost like a conspiracy theory. One which a lot of social platforms dispute. However, we can confirm that for TikTok, the theories are, in fact, true.

Essentially, what many believe is, that when certain topics are spoken about, particular hashtags shared or various sounds and templates are used, content gets hidden. Well, some parts of this is true. For TikTok at least. We haven’t investigated other platforms.

However, we’d imagine some truth runs along all social platforms. With TikTok, we’ve ourselves discovered that shadowbanning does occur. But, unfortunately, it isn’t clear as to how, when or why. That part is still a mystery. One which we’d love to discover.

Your video will be shadowbanned quickly

You’ll notice you’ve been shadowbanned within a short space of time. If you’re someone who typically gets hundreds of views, if not more, you’ll soon spot a ban. Typically, your videos will rise in views straight away. However, if they don’t, you’ve probably been banned.

When your video has been up for hours and only has a couple of views, that’s when you can confirm your content is under a shadowban. However, with TikTok, thankfully it isn’t normally the whole account. Instead, it’s often just the one video. Things should return to normal.

Normally, the reason for this video being banned is down to the description. Within the hashtags used, there’s often one or two that aren’t favoured by TikTok’s algorithm. However, the issue is, it’s never clear which one or two that is. So, you’re no closer to finding the issue.

Instead, what you can do, is head over to a third-party website and download your TikTok video without the watermark. Then, simply reupload it to the platform and try again. Try to be a little more selective with your hashtags. Any that seem a little unusual, try removing.

If you see the likes then pour in, you know you located the issue. If not, it could be the sound, filter or another hashtag that’s the root of the problem. Unfortunately, it’s trial and error, so consider if you care enough about one video to make it work. sign up for free GIF
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