TikTok introduce Youth Council to protect younger users

TikTok has introduced a Youth Council with the idea to keep kids safer on their platform. This council will work with TikTok to present issues and concerns that appear on the app. Facing them head on.

TikTok introduce Youth Council to protect younger users. Statistics about teenagers online and struggles they face.
Credit: TikTok

TikTok is doing something new to help parents feel better about their teenagers using the app. They’re starting a Youth Council, made up of teens, to talk directly with TikTok bosses about important issues and worries. Discussing things they’ve seen on the app.

Some people worry that TikTok might not be safe for kids, which is why it’s been banned in some places. But TikTok wants to hear what teens themselves think before making big decisions. After all, who knows teens better than teenagers themselves?

The Youth Council is made up of 15 teens from different countries. Such as; the US, UK, Brazil, and Kenya. They’re all between 15 and 18 years old. Their main goal is to make sure TikTok stays safe and welcoming for young people. Protecting their peers from danger.

TikTok hopes that by listening to teens, they can make better choices about what goes on the app. They also did a big survey with over 12,000 teens from around the world to learn more about their worries and how they use TikTok. A step other platforms haven’t.

The survey found that most families talk about online safety with their teens often. But some topics, like bullying and body image, can be hard to talk about. The Youth Council might help with these tough topics by giving more insight. Letting TikTok know how they feel.

After the first meeting of the Youth Council, TikTok is planning new ways to teach people about things like fake news and content made by computers. This shows TikTok’s commitment to making the app better for everyone. Fake news is unfortunately everywhere.

Overall, the Youth Council seems like a good idea. It shows TikTok cares about making things safer and wants to make a positive impact. Hiding kids away from the problem doesn’t get rid of the problem unlike tackling the issue head on.

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