How to use AnswerThePublic for your business

Use AnswerThePublic for content ideas and new ways to reach your audience. By inputting your keyword, you’ll see a list of questions commonly asked on search engines. Allowing you to answer questions your competition aren’t.

How to use AnswerThePublic for your business: example of a wheel of search suggestions

Keeping it simple, AnswerThePublic is a platform which allows individuals, brands and businesses to see what people are searching across search engines. It’s an online research tool. Search your keyword and save the relevant connected words or phrases.

Answer the questions of your audience before your competition do. Input words relevant to your business and see what people are questioning. If you can answer it simply and in fewer words, you’ll likely stand out to Google.

How to use AnswerThePublic

Whenever you use a search engine like Google, as you begin to type your question or topic into the search bar, suggestions will pop up. These suggestions are based upon frequently asked questions relating to your topic.

AnswerThePublic works with this technology and the data known as autocomplete. It compiles a wheel of the top searched terms. This wheel is divided into sections, so all your what questions are together, as are your where or how.

Every autocomplete suggestion that first appears for your topic will be shown within this easy to read wheel. You can look this information up through Google too, but it won’t be displayed as easily and will take a lot longer to compile the data.

How to use AnswerThePublic for your business: a GIF of the process

In the example above, I have searched for Fan Links. This is one of our most popular marketing tools here at PUSH. Therefore, I wanted to see what autocomplete suggestions appear. It could be beneficial for me writing a blog post.

I can see what questions our target audience might ask. This allows me to try and answer them before our competition gets around to it. The amount of results shown can vary. If it’s a very specific topic you might get less than if you leave it quite vague.

As you can see in the GIF above, not all questions or phrases inputted are helpful. Many of the search results refer to an electric fan rather than a fanbase. Or, they relate to fanbases but not the marketing link. It can be hit-and-miss with the terms it can work with.

How to use AnswerThePublic for your business

Take your business’ selling point and put it into AnswerThePublic. Whatever you’re known for, or want to be known for, put it into the search bar and find your conversations. It’s great for SEO, and ranking within Google because you’re staying relevant.

You might also find questions you’d never have thought of. There’s the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” and it’s extremely true. It’s very hard to think of questions your audience might have because the product is second nature to you.

Of course, you’ll think of the obvious; pricing, shipping, terms and conditions, warranty etc, but you won’t typically consider the out-of-the-box questions that get asked once in a blue moon. These questions only come to mind when they’re asked.

If you’re looking to appear in the initial snippet chosen by Google when someone searches for your topic, your writing needs to be answering the consumer’s question concisely. One of the best ways to do this is by including topics they might also ask.

Use AnswerThePublic to your benefit. With their free model, you get 3 searches a day, which isn’t many however, it might be all you need. That’s 3 topics per day. You can build on this over time, and later upgrade if you feel you need to. sign up for free GIF
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