Amazon Amp, a user-generated radio service is shutting down

Launched in 2022, Amazon Amp was a music radio service where listeners had the chance to be the DJ. While many well known artists were part of the action, Amazon no longer see the platform being a success. Leaving them no choice, but to shut it down.

Amazon Amp, a user-generated radio service is shutting down: Yellow background, filmstrip with music artists on the right. Promoting Amp.
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Back in March 2022, Amazon Amp was first launched. It was designed to allow listeners to have the chance to be a DJ. The live music radio network featured well known artists, including; Nicki Minaj, Travis Barker, and Lil Yachty. These individuals were hosts at different stages. Amp had a licensing deal with major labels to allow streaming.

However, after just a year and a half, Amp is closing its service. This comes after Spotify’s live audio play feature appeared. Amazon have spoken about the closure of their app, they said “We’ve made the difficult decision to close Amp.” While they feel they created a product that hadn’t previously been done, it seems this was no longer working.

An Amazon spokesperson has spoken

In creating Amp, we tried something that had never been done before and built a product that gave creators a place where they could build genuine connections with each other, and share a common love for music.” Perhaps they felt there wasn’t the room for an app like this any more. Amazon laid off around half of Amp’s team in October 2022.

There were clear signs it was heading towards closure, however, it’s only now been confirmed. Despite Spotify’s live audio feature being launched, that too has seen its last days. It shut the feature down back in April 2023. Amp seems to be following suit, knowing there may not be the need for their service.

With that being said, Amp were still receiving funding and investments this year. In April, while Spotify closed their live radio feature, Amazon had the actor Nick Cannon on to host a show. Following this, they launched an emerging artists program. It seems they were trying every effort they could to keep Amp running.

It leads us to believe there is a need for live radio features, just perhaps not in the way it’s previously been displayed. However, Apple Music Radio‘s network, Stationhead is performing really well. It has been going since 2017, Amp even got their model inspiration from them. Maybe that’s it. There is only room for one company offering a product like this.

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