10 ways PUSH.fm will help you step up your marketing game

Marketing is a tough nut to crack, but PUSH’s tools will expand your reach, push your content further and boost your promotion plan in no time.

PUSH.fm is a website that supplies marketing tools to independent music makers, content creators, brands and businesses. It’s numerous offerings and features will help make you and your brand a roaring success. Learn more about what we bring to the table:

🔗 Fan Links

Fan Links are customisable, sharable and trackable landing pages. They contain any and all links to your content, socials and platforms in URL package.

Fan Links, also known as smart links, were made to replace the lengthy process of compiling individual URLs. Posts and bios containing a handful of individual links were confusing, long winded and couldn’t be aesthetically customised.

These landing pages can be completely customised to suit your brand, purpose and content And, there’s no limit to the number of or the types of links you include.

😍 Pre-saves (exclusively for music makers)

Pre-saves are essentially the digital version of a pre-order. In the same way you’d pre-order a CD or vinyl, you can pre-save upcoming releases on streaming stores. On release day, the album, EP or single will conveniently appear in your library read to be listened, shared and saved to your playlists.

Pre-saves are incredibly powerful tools for musicians and labels for a multitude of reasons, and should undoubtedly be included in your music marketing plans.

🔐 Content Unlocks

Content Unlocks incentivize social actions in exchange for exclusive rewards and unlockable content. Also known as social unlocks by other providers, they can be tailored to suit any need or whim.

Pick and choose which, and how many social actions you want your fans to undertake to unlock the bounty. Then, choose what gift, treasure or reward you want to give them, either as a downloadable file or as a secret message or link. The possibilities are endless!

📦 All-in-one

PUSH contains all the marketing tools you need, all in one place. Gone are the days of signing up to 3 different companies to access 3 different tools.

PUSH’s tools also work together, you can link in a Pre-save campaign into your Content Unlock. Or link your Content Unlock into your Fan Link so fans can access your incentivized reward alongside your content and socials.

🎨 Extensive customisation

Fan Link Customisation

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so all of our tools can be extensively personalised to suit you. Add your own image (JPG, PNG, SVG or GIF), your own descriptions and pick your own PUSH URL for each campaign.

Fan Links also allow further customisation from adding your own button text to inputting each and every link you want to include.

💸 Free

We know money shouldn’t dictate your chance of marketing success, so all of PUSH’s tools are available for free.

Feeling limited? Upgrade to PUSH’s premium for only £4.99 per month and get unlimited numbers of campaigns; perfect for labels, promotional channels and larger brands.

👯 Partnered with RouteNote

Calling all independent music makers! PUSH is partnered with RouteNote, the digital music distribution company. RouteNote can distribute your music to all of the world’s major music platforms, all for free!

Their free model means you keep 85% of your royalties. If you’re wanting to keep 100% of the royalties you earn, you can sign up to their competitive premium service. Head over to their website to find out more.

📊 Insights

PUSH provides you with all the important analytics and statistics of how your fans are interacting with your campaigns. Easily view your campaigns’ success rates, conversions and which links your fans are accessing. All of these insights are available on the free plan; you don’t need to pay extra to see how well your campaigns are performing.

🧽 Clean interface

Some marketing websites and their tools can be difficult to navigate. PUSH has a clean, tidy and easy-to-use interface; meaning you can quickly make the tools for the job.


The best thing about PUSH.fm is there’s no limits to who can use it and it’s tools. The scope of tools they offer and the huge possibility of customisation means they can be tailored to suit any individual, brand or business.

From podcasters to photographers, musicians to online magazines & gig organisers to graphic designers; PUSH is here to help anyone step up their marketing game.

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