Music streaming store Anghami introduce AI powered Podcast feature

Anghami is a Middle Eastern and North African music streaming store. Rivals with Spotify, they have now upped their game by adding a Podcast AI feature. The company have stated “it’s the first of its kind in the world.”

Computer AI mock up with headphones and Podcast icon in the foreground.

Anghami is a popular music streaming platform within the Middle East and North America. In these regions it is possibly the most used streaming store, and therefore is rivals with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. All music stores are regularly updating their features and adding new ones, but Anghami are taking a leap into the world of AI, adding a Podcast feature.

Never done before, the music store will be launching their own artificial intelligence based Podcasts and Newsroom. The feature has been designed to allow users to customise their own Podcasts. They will be able to choose what topics are discussed, what language is spoken and what voice they want to speak during their Podcast.

The language choices are; English, Arabic and French. It’s not known yet whether they’ll add further languages as they expand this feature, but, for now it’s what we can expect to see. Topics which can be selected are anything from music, to business, sports and news. There are many other topic choices on their list, and it’s possible more will be added.

A Podcast a day keeps the boredom away…

A Podcast will be created based on their choices, and it will therefore be a unique and tailored experience, unlike any other. Depending on one user’s choices, they might hear something completely different to their friends. Each user will be able to shape their own listening experience. They can tailor their preferences to match how they’re feeling each day.

On May the 4th, Anghami introduced their first Podcast completely created by artificial intelligence. This was the first of its kind. Each morning a new episode will generate that’s different from the previous day. Anghami’s algorithm will detect popular songs and information and feed that towards the AI system.

The AI is powered by the OpenAI GPT, which is also in charge of running ChatGPT. Anghami are the first streaming platform to willingly host AI created music content, with more than 200,000 songs coming from AI. Other competitors haven’t taken so kindly to this new avenue, with many banning AI tracks completely.

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