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Case studies and commentaries of independent musicians, content creators and brands that use PUSH to fulfil their DIY marketing needs.

PUSH 101: How does a Reward Link work?

Reward Links are great for everyone involved. The creator setting one up will benefit from follows, streams, subscribers etc. While the audience will complete set tasks and then access free digital rewards. How does a Reward Link work? Anyone can…

Pre-saves – why it is important to save early

Pre-saves help your favourite artists secure listeners. They’re a promotional tool for them to use ahead of their release date. By you saving their tracks, the artists know they’ll have an audience on the day their tracks are live. Pre-saves…

Meta to stop fake and damaging reviews on the platform

Reviews on business pages are great, because often they’ll tell us what we need to know. Whether there are hidden fees, or if the company is excelling in ways we might not imagine. However, not all reviews are genuine and…

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