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Anything and everything surrounding analytics, statistics and data. All can potentially be boring, complicated and difficult to understand, but if you get your head about what they are and how to use them, they can be your best marketing tool!

Spotify streams – what counts as a full stream?

As an artist you might look at your streams and wonder where your revenue is. It’s been an ongoing argument for quite some time that artists aren’t paid fairly by streaming stores. Whatever your opinion on this, it’s important to…

8 Instagram hacks for new content creators

Created an Instagram? Great! Now it’s time to make it work. You can’t go from newbie to influencer overnight unfortunately, but you can grow organically without it taking forever. Everyone’s on Instagram these days and if you’ve got content you…

Marketing 101: What are analytics & insights?

You might’ve heard the terms ‘analytics’ & ‘insights’ thrown around, but what are they, and how can they be used to maximise your chance of success? What are analytics? In it’s simplest form, marketing analytics are collections of data and…

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