Will social media ever die out?

Are we too used to it now, that we will never be able to live without social media? Or, is there only so far it can go? Will it become so routine that it’s essentially boring and no longer wanted?

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Social media has now become the way we all communicate. Whether we’re sharing our own content, views and opinions. Or, resharing that of other individuals and creatives. Most of us are on it daily. It comes into all aspects of life now. Any spare moments are often consumed with checking our socials or seeing what those around us are up to. It’s a fantastic method for keeping in touch with loved ones, and also following those in the public eye who interest you.

Not only is it brilliant for personal use, but also from a marketing view. Businesses, brands and creators all turn to social media to promote themselves and their work. In fact, we’d argue the majority of brands wouldn’t be in business without the use of social platforms. What once started out as a bit of fun, that people believed would soon disappear, has actually become a lifestyle for many. Social media allows you to reach people in areas of the world you’d never be able to access.

It doesn’t seem like it will be disappearing on us just yet. After all, if it went, companies, and individuals livelihoods would crumble. There are many people who upload to social media for a living. Influencers rely on the various platforms to help them spread various messages and promote an array of companies. If social media was to disappear overnight, the majority of society would be at a loss. Despite some people believing it’s become boring or repetitive, it seems others are focusing on the continual growth.

If you consider how the platforms look now to when they were first created, the difference is mind blowing. They’re constantly updating and adding new features. While we move with the times, so do social channels. They have to stay current, otherwise people would abandon ship. There are various platforms that weren’t able to keep up, and they have sadly left us. Places such as MySpace and Bebo are long gone. However, they have been replaced with social channels that are continuing to compete with each other.

Do we think social media will die out? No, it’s very unlikely. As they say “when one door closes, another one opens”. With this, it’s far more likely if one platform loses popularity, another will come and replace it. The social channels we currently have are far too large and competitive. With the revenue they currently earn, it’s unlikely they’ll ever be in a position where they can no longer update. Instead, it’s possible we will continue to see growth after growth and a lot of changes for the better.

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