Spotify Wrapped 2022 – who is your top streamed artist?

It’s the most, wonderful time of the year! Spotify Wrapped is finally here. Which, means it’s officially Christmas (we don’t make the rules). See your top artists and most streamed songs of the year.

Spotify Wrapped example

Each year Spotify users look forward to the end of the year because not only is it the festive period, but also, it means Spotify Wrapped. You’re able to see who your favourite artists really are, and if you made it into their top listeners during the year. Discover if your year was spent listening to the same artists as always, or if you branched out and discovered a new genre.

Spotify Wrapped was designed to celebrate artists success, while also drive excitement for Spotify listeners. They’re constantly adapting their feature to make sure both fans and artists get the most out of it. This year Spotify focused on not only the much loved user favourites, but they also added new statistics. The great thing about music stores offering personalised round-ups is; no two listeners are the same.

Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay or YouTube Music Recap?

With Spotify’s great success, Apple Music and YouTube Music have followed suit. It seems all other streaming platforms are heading down the same route. They’ve seen how popular Spotify Wrapped has become throughout the years, and they want a part of that for themselves. However, with Spotify constantly growing their Wrapped feature, it doesn’t seem other platforms will have the chance to catch up.

To access Wrapped, users will need to have the Spotify app; either on iOS or Android. Unfortunately, this feature can’t be used on the web player. Users don’t have to search for the content within the app, however. They simply need to click on the app and Spotify will do the rest. Wrapped doesn’t just cover music either, it also provides a Podcast summary showing users their top Podcasts of the year.

Spotify Wrapped new features

Spotify users are able to access information such as; their minutes listened throughout the year, their top genres, top songs and favourite podcasts. The new features allow users to see their listening personality. This is where Spotify assign you a personality based upon your listening habits throughout the year. Each persona has different traits to another. You’re able to learn more about them here.

You’re also now able to access a feature called Audio Day. This will show listeners how their music habits changed throughout the day. Different moods, genres and niches can all develop as the day goes on and Spotify have found a way to display this information. Snapchat, WhatsApp and Line have all got involved with Spotify Wrapped. You can share your Wrapped cards directly to the messaging services, while Snapchat have added lenses to represent your listening personality. You can even access Wrapped-themed Bitmojis.

Spotify Wrapped examples
Credit: Spotify

Spotify Wrapped artist messages

We’ve mentioned Spotify Wrapped artist messages before. However, it’s a newer feature and an exciting one. Previously, in 2021 Spotify introduced the idea of artists recording a thank-you message for their fans. However, only 100 artists were able to access this feature. Those 100 were able to record and submit a short video thanking their fans for their support.

This year however, Spotify allowed more artists to be involved. The number has grown rapidly within the past year. Spotify announced they were allowing artists to submit a short video recently, but they didn’t have long to make it happen. The artist videos are now accessible for all those artists who chose to get involved. More than 40,000 artists submitted a video within 2022. It will be interesting to see how this grows next year.

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