TikTok’s new feature – their own version of BeReal, TikTok Now

TikTok Now is a new feature. It mimics that of the popular app BeReal. BeReal is an app allowing you to snap one picture a day to send to friends, without editing it or changing how you look. TikTok have jumped onto this idea.

5 smartphones all with a different view point of TikTok Now loaded up.

TikTok have started testing their app TikTok Now. The app will allow people to send a photo of themselves to friends without being able to edit their appearance. The idea is to be completely your authentic self at that moment in time. Rather than posed, airbrushed images you find on platforms such as Instagram. It was inspired by the app BeReal which became really popular earlier this year.

BeReal is a platform allowing you to share one image a day with your friends. It allows both front and back cameras to be active at the same time. Meaning you can show both you, and your surroundings in a raw and honest shot. Without any do-overs. TikTok plan to send users notifications which will remind them to share an image right away. Hence, the name TikTok Now. Within three minutes of receiving the notification, it’s thought the idea is that you’ll have sent your image.

You’ll have the option with TikTok Now to either send a 10-second video, or a still image. This is captured in the same way as a BeReal. With both your front and back facing cameras capturing at the same time. You’ll need to allow TikTok to send you notifications if you wish to be reminded each day. The idea is you’ll be prompted at the same time each day. Replying quickly means you won’t have had chance to change your surroundings or appearance, and therefore it will show the natural you.

📌 Above you can see a screen recording showing how TikTok Now works ☝

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