How to write a YouTube description to beat the algorithm

We all want YouTube’s algorithm on our side, don’t we? After all, it’s the best way of getting your videos seen. The better you get on with the algorithm, the more people who will see your content. Meaning, you stand a better chance of growing. But, did you know your descriptions play a big part in this?

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YouTube pick and choose which videos to push on the platform. Unfortunately, you can’t just upload a video and expect YouTube to suggest people watch it. You need to fit into what they’re looking for. Which, of course, is different depending on your niche. It isn’t a one rule fits all as such. Instead, you may need to follow different rules depending on the content you’re uploading.

Both your channel descriptions and video ones should be thought through. Don’t leave them blank as it won’t do you any favours. After all, how do we know who you are, or what your videos about? With so many videos uploaded and watched daily, you need to rely on certain factors like your descriptions to sell your video. Or, at least place it in a better position.

YouTube channel and video descriptions

They’re probably fairly self explanatory, but there are differences between the two. A channel description will involve a few set things. Whereas a video description will vary from each video and account. The video description will sum up what happens in that particular video. You might add in links to various resources or websites. Possibly even links to other videos. However, your channel description will sum up your channel as a whole. What you typically upload, what your niche is etc.

YouTube channel description 👇

  • About you – possibly your name, rough location (country), a personal interest or hobby.
  • The channel genre – so people know what style of videos you’ll upload.
  • A schedule – if you post on certain days or times.
  • Social media accounts.
  • Website links.
  • Smart Links.

YouTube video descriptions 👇

  • Summary about the video – what was the topic? Why did you record it?
  • Social media links.
  • Website links.
  • Opinions? If discussing a popular topic, what are your brief views?
  • Links to anything (products, services etc) mentioned in the video.
  • Smart Links.

The best way to write a YouTube video description

You need to consider certain aspects each time to write a video description. It’s not something you can copy and paste. Of course, things like your social media links you can. But, the overall text and information will need to be changed for each video. If you want to increase your viewers, you should be making your videos informative. All the relevant information should be located in your descriptions.

Don’t over-do it

Try to avoid making your descriptions too wordy. People often won’t read all of what you have to say. If you’ve made a video about a subject, then people want to watch you discuss it rather than read about it. They certainly won’t want to do both. So, avoid repeating what you’ve said within the text in your description. Apart from important facts. If you’ve been discussing a product or service, of course you might want to sum up a few major points in your description. Maybe try and keep your character count down as low as possible though. Aside from your important links, try keeping your descriptions to a few hundred words.

Target your audience

Consider what your audience want from you. What is your niche? Also, what have you discussed in your video? Was it a serious style video, or did your personality come out? Both of these things a huge, because your audience will expect your tone of voice to match the video content. You might be a bubbly, happy individual. However, if you’re talking about an upsetting subject, you can’t be excited over it. This is where your description needs to match the tone of the video. Also, who are your audience? If you are talking facts, your audience are individuals who look for this. They might be very different to those who will hunt down comedy.

Include keywords

Depending on how long your description is will depend on how many keywords you need to aim for. The rough number will be about 1-2 keywords. However, this will vary so perhaps do your own video specific research. Make sure you’re mentioning your keywords throughout your descriptions because this will be picked up by YouTube’s algorithm. The more your words are mentioned (without overdoing it of course), the more chance you have of your content being picked up and pushed. Remember YouTube and Google are in the same family, and Google love keywords.

The best way to write a YouTube channel description

A channel description is far more personal than a video description. They speak for you as a person, and/or a creator. You get to set the tone for your channel. It’s an opportunity to let your audience, and your potential audience know a bit about you. What your interests/hobbies are. Perhaps what they can expect to see on your channel, including your genre is a great place to start.

Genre/channel themes

Let your audience know what your interests are and what type of content you’ll be posting. It will help them decide if your channel is for them easily. Therefore, they’re probably more likely to give your content a chance because they’ll know it fits into their interests. Knowing you have a lot in common with a creator on YouTube can be really intriguing for many people. As a society we often want to watch people who are similar to us. Or equally, people who are able to live a lifestyle we aspire to live.

Social links

Adding in your social media accounts to your channel description is a great way of connecting with your audience elsewhere. You can help grow your other platforms, and allow your audience to see further insight into your life. Each platform has a different objective. They’re all similar in many ways, but you’ll always find certain platforms prefer one media over another. Increasing your following across all platforms will please not only you, but your audience too. The best way to add all your social channels is through creating a free Smart Link.

Short but sweet

Try not to make your channel description too long because otherwise it’s not going to be read. If people are interested in your content, it’s likely they’ll head on over to your channel and check out more. They’ll want to get to know you, but equally, they don’t want your whole life history. There needs to be a balance between letting people know about you, and keeping the text on the low. Otherwise, you’re just overloading people with words on a page which quite honestly, they probably won’t read.

Sometimes it will be easier to get your description right, than other times. It can be hard to completely crack the code so that you get it right each time. YouTube’s algorithm is a hard one. Like all social platforms. However, if you put thought into your descriptions, it should become easier over time. Rather than leaving them almost blank, or waffling on for too long. Really consider what you want to say, and what is relevant to you, your channel and your content. The rest should then fall into place.

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