Instagram’s Add Yours stickers come to Reels and Facebook

Again Meta are working hard to expand their features. If it works for one platform, it can work for another, right? Add Yours, the popular Instagram stories feature will now be accessible within Reels and on Facebook.

Instagram previously introduced Add Yours as a feature within their stories. This would allow users to create text boxes on their stories asking for others to attach an image of their own relating back to the text. For example, you might create one that says Add Yours – a picture of your dog. All dog lovers will then come forward adding their favourite photo of their pooches onto their story and including the Add Yours sticker.

Clicking on these stickers will allow you to see everyone who’s got involved with that particular category. You can create Add Yours stickers for any topic you like. They proved to be really popular right from the start. People create them for all sorts of topics, and they snowball from there with people spotting them on their friends stories and wanting to join in too. If you want to get creative, you can create them for a very niche topic. For example, if you’re an artist playing a gig, why not make one for your gig. Your fans could then get involved attaching their pictures to your sticker.

Instagram colours within background. Foreground shows two smartphone templates. One has a person close up modelling against a graffitied wall with an Add Yours sticker saying "Show your last outfit". The second has all videos posted under that Add Yours sticker.
Credit: Meta

Add Yours is branching out. Now, it will be available within Reels and Facebook stories too. When creating Reels, you’ll be able to add any stickers in the same way you previously would. However, now, you’ll see the option to add this specific sticker to your videos. Other content creators can do the same and jump onto yours just like they would in a story. When clicking on the Add Yours sticker attached to a Reel, it will take you to a page that holds every video featured under this sticker.

The original creator’s name will be at the top of the page. Underneath will be every video people have then created for this sticker. As Reels can be posted straight to Facebook, you’ll start seeing Add Yours stickers pop up across this platform too. It seems Meta are more dedicated than ever to grow both platforms at a similar rate. How many Facebook users will start using this feature is unclear. Most creatives seem to be more experimental across Instagram. However, if you’re able to make content that can cover both platforms, why not?

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