Spotify purchased popular music game Heardle

Spotify have recently announced the purchase of the popular music trivia game Heardle. After its huge success, it’s no surprise the streaming giants want to be a part of it. It seems they’re dipping their toes into every avenue that comes their way.

We wonder what heardles they jumped to get this. This article will teach you two things; how Spotify acquired the popular music trivia game Heardle, and… that PUSH are hilarious. Ok, well maybe not the first one. Spotify seem to be involving themselves in everything lately. First they partnered with FC Barcelona, and now they’ve taken over a hugely popular platform. We always say, if you can partner with someone, do it. Don’t stick to your niche, explore outside it because some of the best collaborations come from this.

If you don’t already know what Heardles is – it’s a game where the aim is to guess the song correctly. You’ll get played a short clip, and from that you have to guess what song you think it could be. If you’re unable to, you can listen to another clip. This time it’s slightly longer than the first. Then you can guess again. The maximum amount of the song you can hear is 16 seconds. You also get 6 guesses. If you can’t get it in that time then unfortunately you lose. The aim is to get it as quickly as possible.

Heardle was first created after the huge popularity Wordle brought. The concept of this game was very similar. With Wordle, you have to start by guessing a 5-letter word. It will then flag the correct letters from your guess, From there you can begin to work out what the word is that day. It changes each day and there is only one round. This is the same with Heardle. People became obsessed, some still are. They’d make their guesses and share their score with their friends. It became a contest of who could complete it first.

Spotify take over Heardle

Spotify have recently announced their purchase. It’s loved by music fans, so it makes sense that a music store would take it over. However, it shows the platform reaching out into yet another avenue. This time, games. The concept does allow people to discover new artists and music which is something Spotify is passionate about. People may listen to the short clip, unaware of the answer but then wanting to hear the full song. From here, it could become a regular stream of theirs.

“We are always looking for innovative and playful ways to enhance music discovery and help artists reach new fans. Heardle has proven to be a really fun way to connect millions of fans with songs they know and love and with new songs and a way to compete with their friends as to who has the best musical knowledge.”

Jeremy Erlich, global head of music at Spotify

The game brings people together. As we mentioned before, friends will compete to see who can guess it in the shortest amount of time. They can listen to the track and if they like it, share it with others. You’ll hear the opening notes first, from there more of the track will be revealed. After your guesses are up, it will link directly to the song. So, for artists who get picked for Heardle, it’s a great way of growing an audience. Heardle will continue to be its own thing. It won’t be built into the app or moved from its current website for now anyway.

Instead of linking to SoundCloud like it used to, it will link to Spotify. The integration will begin in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand before moving into other countries. The hope is they’ll expand into different languages. However, there is no timeframe for this, so for now, it’s an English-speaking site. Spotify have mentioned they plan to one day move it into the app somehow. However, they haven’t given a date for this either. It might be the case, it becomes available on the app, while also remains on the website too. This will mean people who don’t use Spotify can still play.

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