Influencers in China giving medical or financial advice will now need certifications

China have decided to change how their influencers promote certain products or tools. No longer will companies be able to reach out to an individual and request they advertise their products on their social media accounts without the proper training. This is for anything that falls under a medical or financial umbrella.

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Licences to promote medical and financial products

China has taken a powerful step towards making the internet a safer place. The government has put a lot of effort into ensuring what’s posted to the web is legitimate content. They’re pushing further and further into moderating digital content. With the rise of social media and tools such as video, live streaming and photos being shared regularly, this has become a difficult task. However, it’s one they’re willing to take on. They’re often introducing new control measures which will shape the way people use the internet.

Across the world influencers are being used to promote companies and brands, however, at what cost? Aside from money, you have to remember the power influencers have. Promoting things they aren’t knowledgable about could land people in a lot of danger. For example, a slim built influencer promoting diet pills could have a huge negative impact on someone who is struggling with their weight. It could be a really damaging and dangerous game they’re playing with. To an influencer, it might just be a job. However, to many, it’s more than that.

Influencers within China will now have to hold relevant licences to be able to give out any medical or financial advice. This includes promoting products. Without it, they could face serious consequences. It means that anyone promoting pills or creams will know exactly what goes into them and the real effects they could have on the body. Rather than just what they’ve been told to say by a company wanting the promotion. It’s a brilliant move to ensure the safety of the public and one that other countries should take note on.

Other influencers won’t miss out

There are still plenty of influencing opportunities around that will allow those without certifications to be a part of. Advertising clothes or jewellery isn’t going to harm anyone physically. Of course, you could argue it depends on the sustainability of the items and the conditions the workers are in. This is a whole other argument. However, in this situation, China are working hard to ensure their people aren’t going to be tricked into anything. The same goes with needing finance certifications to promote anything involving money.

Quick cash loans and encouraging gambling won’t be allowed under these rules. The whole get rich quick by following certain steps will be blocked by this movement. This ensures those who perhaps aren’t financially clued up and therefore are vulnerable to falling into dangerous schemes are kept safe. It means a more level playing field. No one is able to benefit financially off someone else’s lack of knowledge. It’s sad that as humans we almost have to be told not to do this. But, unfortunately, for some, it’s a chance to earn money themselves, and therefore they’ll take it.

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