Spotify adds Pre-save feature for Florence + The Machine release

Spotify have for a long time offered Pre-saves, but never before have they offered it as a feature of their own. They’re currently testing it out on a Florence + The Machine release that is set to go live on 13th May. If it’s successful it could be a feature added for all artists. However, using this option will mean it’s Spotify specific.

Florence + The Machine Pre-save on Spotify

Pre-saves on Spotify

Spotify is currently testing a new feature that will allow listeners to Pre-save albums. In the same way you’ve been able to Pre-save songs before, you’ll now be able to do it via Spotify itself. Pre-saving music allows you to access it as soon as it’s released. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about possibly forgetting the date or trying to find the track when it’s published. It will be sent straight to your music library.

For their first test they’ve tried out Pre-saves for Florence + The Machine‘s new album Dance Fever. It’s set to launch on 13th May, so if you want to Pre-save it, you’ll need to be quick. The Pre-save button will be situated on the artist’s Spotify profile. They’ll be able to promote this to their fans via a link. The link will even include a clock counting down until it goes live. Once it’s been released, the Pre-save button will turn grey, and it will no longer be accessible.

Fans who have saved it ahead of time will be sent a reminder when the album goes live. This is only in testing mode, so it isn’t currently available to Android users. Instead, it is an IOS only option. You also can’t use this on desktop, although this could be set to change. Pre-saves aren’t a new thing, however. They have been available on Spotify for a really long time. It seems Spotify have finally decided to add the feature to the platform directly.

Pre-save providers

While Spotify adding this feature is great. They haven’t quite got everything set in motion yet. If you’re only interested in fans being able to save your music ahead of time on this platform, then maybe this will be for you. However, if you want your fanbase to have multiple options on where they Pre-save, you’ll still need to create a Pre-save link externally. By using a service like PUSH, you can have all of your Pre-save links under one URL. You can have Spotify, along with Deezer and Apple Music.

Your fans will be able to select their preferred store to save your release. Having it all under one URL means you can manage your links easily. You don’t have separate promotions running for each store. With a Pre-save link, you can customise it to suit you as an artist. Change the URL so it’s relevant to you. Perhaps even name it after your album. Add your own album artwork, or even an artist image instead. You can include a description and change the store logos to be to your taste.

Spotify have created something great, and no doubt it will be very useful. However, it’s likely you’ll still want to add this Pre-save link into your overall Pre-save URL. That way, you’re only having to promote one link, rather than three. It saves you time and looks organised. Your fans know exactly where to find what they need every time. The problem with having more than one link and not having them contained together is you can’t add more than one into your social media bios. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok only allow one Bio Link. So, unless you’re only planning to release your tracks to Spotify, you’ll still need to create a Pre-save link elsewhere.

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