Twitter features to be added if Elon Musk takes over

So, we’re still waiting on the final call. It seems Elon Musk will be successful within his new purchase of the social media giant Twitter. However, the shareholders and regulators get the final say. If he is successful, there are a few changed he’s hinted he will make. Some of them are likely to be very popular.

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If shareholders and regulators agree to let Elon Musk purchase Twitter, he’ll get to start calling the shots with how the platform is run. He’s been known to be quite outspoken and promote free speech. People are wondering if this will affect the way the app is currently run. Twitter try to stamp out free speech that could potentially be damaging to anyone using their service. There have been multiple features he’s mentioned that we could potentially see in the near future. Many of which, Twitter users have been requesting for some time. Maybe all it took was a push from the world’s richest man to get things moving.

Edit button

Twitter have already been working on this feature (finally). So, whether Elon Musk comes in and demands it or not, it seems it will happen. Perhaps he’ll speed up the process, however. He put a poll up on the social platform to see how many Twitter users would want to see the change. It turned out, unsurprisingly that most people want to see an edit button installed.

While Musk has been known to be extremely controversial and therefore many have worried he will allow anything to be said on the platform, he has agreed to some very sensible advice. Twitter user @erdayastronaut requested that the tweets have a time limit on when they can be edited. This is a great idea as many people within the public eye have been able to be held accountable years later for things they have previously said. Adding a time limit would mean they can’t go back and change these tweets to suit them.

Another thing this user asked for was a button that shows the original tweet. This fits in with the idea of not allowing users to deny things they have said. If something controversial has been tweeted, users should be able to see the original message, as well as the new version. The edit buttons design is for typos or perhaps if information has been input incorrectly. Even if things have changed since the first tweet was sent. To have it remain as a safe space, Twitter should ensure no one can completely change their tweets without a trace.

Less moderation

Currently, Twitter are very hot on sensitive subjects so when it was known that Elon Musk had bought the platform out, people were concerned. He is known for being controversial. However, we can all relax a little, because he’s cleared up what he means by free speech. It seems he isn’t suggesting people will be able to use the platform to tweet things that are harmful and therefore go against the law. But, it could be that people are allowed to speak their mind more so than they currently can.

It might even mean more policies are put into place of what is allowed and what isn’t. After all, Elon Musk can’t make all the decisions alone. He will have to answer to shareholders if he makes any controversial moves. Perhaps if Twitter made things more clear-cut of what is allowed and what isn’t – people may know where the line is. Twitter can’t become a place where harassment and misinformation is allowed to go ahead. Any hateful messages must continue to be removed. This isn’t something Musk could wipe out.

While he has stated free speech will be in line with the law. Remember, this applies to American law. The rest of the world will have different laws, and it might be the case that certain tweets aren’t acceptable within certain countries. How will they monitor the situation? With Twitter being a global social networking platform, it’s clear why they have always been strict in monitoring tweets and censoring information they feel may be offensive to certain people. If Musk removes some of the moderation processes, how will this protect Twitter users?


Recently Elon Musk has suggested that Twitter need more authentication for humans. This is in an effort to stop bots from being able to create accounts. He wants to ban all fake accounts or potential spam accounts. This is to make the platform a better space and pose less risks to all real accounts. Nothing has been said yet to indicate how this may happen. We aren’t sure what the process would be. Will there be an option to authorise your account? Is it something we will all need to do? Or, will it be similar to Instagram’s method where only accounts they’re suspicious about will need to prove themselves?

It’s been theorised that there are a few ways the verification process could go. One could be the use of CAPTCHAs, where people will need to use their real names. However, this idea has been challenged due to the possibility of certain users being put in harm or danger by using their real name. Some people are only able to have an account because they hide behind an alias.

Another option could be that all users will be required to link their accounts to credit cards. This could throw huge spanners in the works though. Especially since you only need to be 13 or over to have a Twitter account. How is any child going to be able to connect to a credit card to prove they are who they say they are? Yes, you could go down the parental route, but it isn’t that simple for every child. You don’t know their home life, and if they only need to be 13 to create the account, why should they be made to jump through hoops proving it? No 13-year-old has forms of ID ready to hand over.

Encrypted DMs

This is another one Twitter have apparently worked on before. Although, this time, it seems they put a pause on it. Elon Musk thinks it’s an important one though and therefore is wanting to start the process again. The idea behind encryption is no one is able to hack your messages. Your information can’t be sent anywhere and no one else but yourself is able to use it for anything. It would offer a level of security to all Twitter users. Only the person sending the message and the one receiving would be able to access the conversation.

If implemented, this would be a brilliant idea because it will restore faith within the app. Users that perhaps have been cautious before will feel more at ease sending messages and knowing they can’t be intercepted. Especially when sending fairly important information across. For example, when asking a company for help with a purchase on Twitter, you’re required to then send across your personal details; email, phone number and address. These aren’t things you want anyone else being able to access. So, this feature is something we hope he addresses ASAP.

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