How can you be a successful social media marketing tool without having a social media account?

Stay with me on this one, because I found myself lost down a rabbit hole and I need you all to come on this journey with me. You may have seen our previous article about Display Purposes and just how powerful it is for planning your social media posts. But, the wild thing is, they don’t have a social media presence?

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Display Purposes – hidden success

How can you be a social media marketing tool without being involved with the platforms yourself? Surely the creators of this site must have their own secret Instagram account locked away somewhere. Otherwise, how do they know what their audience need? How do they know their products work? It seems strange they don’t have a company Instagram account, though. Surely that’s a place for them to grow within themselves? They’re super successful though, and their website is a powerful one. So, whatever they’re doing is clearly working for them.

I can’t sit here and say they’re not a well known platform. They’ve gone from strength to strength since they first began. The place they really took off was TikTok. Once an idea gets around a video sharing platform like TikTok, it’s essentially viral. People will take the video and plaster it all over other social media platforms. Before you know it, everyone’s heard about it. That’s exactly how viral content works, and a video about Display Purposes definitely took off in this way.

However, when searching for their social media accounts, I was stumped. I couldn’t for the life of me discover anything under their name or belonging to their brand. It wasn’t just on Instagram, but Twitter and Facebook too. I was shocked to discover this, because their whole product is designed around creating hashtags you can use within your Instagram account. So, why don’t they have Instagram? It would make sense for them to have an account that they use their own product on, right? However, they have almost remained anonymous because how much does anyone really know about them as a company?

Breaking the internet?

Is it perhaps the case that they already broke the internet before they got around to creating a social media presence? Are people already using their services often enough that they don’t need to promote themselves elsewhere? Or, have they got influencers behind them to help promote their website for them? There are a whole heap of reasons as to why they might not be present within the world of social media. However, it still has me questioning it.

I guess, once you’ve gone viral in such a way and people are using your products, you can continue to grow organically without having to add the pressure of promotion onto your shoulders. This makes me wonder how big their team is. The website is pretty basic, but it offers everything you could need. You put in your Instagram name, and you’re then able to generate popular hashtags based upon the content you want to upload. This should open new doors within the marketing world for you as a brand or business. You get access to hashtags that are current and in demand.

Do you perhaps think that staying off the radar simply works for them? As long as they have people using their website, they’ll continue to grow. So, it may not be a bad thing that they don’t have social media accounts. It seems odd though. Surely that’s like a musician not having access to any streaming platforms? Where does your inspiration come from to expand and create new things? It seems like having an Instagram account would be research at least? Maybe some things are best left a mystery, but it’s an interesting concept. They provide social media marketing tools, but don’t have a business social media account themselves…

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