Beginner musicians – what you’ll need to get started

Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t be concerned about taking the first steps. In a year you’ll be much further along than when you started and in 10 years, even further again. There’s no time like the present, so just get started. If you’re looking to create your first home setup, then this video has everything you’ll need.

The first thing that is really important to note is that your currently computer is absolutely fine. Unless it’s running super slow, and you can’t get anything done, just use what you already have. So many people getting into music think they need the latest technology and must go out and spend thousands on a new computer to be able to make great tracks. This isn’t the case, especially if you’re new to the industry. You might even decide it isn’t for you, and then you’re stuck with a really expensive tool you don’t need. So, just use the computer you currently have instead.

Next you’ll want to get yourself an audio interface. He explains this really well. Your computer in-built microphone isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need something with better quality but the wires you need to plug in won’t go into your computer. So, that’s where you need to look into buying an audio interface. This is a highly important piece of equipment that every beginner needs to purchase. He mentions some options you should look into, depending on what your computer will allow. Maybe note these down and check them out against your own computer.

You’ll then need some headphones. They vary in price range, however you may as well start off with a decent pair to prevent you having to upgrade them further down the line. Your headphones will be a lifeline, as you can listen to your music at your own volume with no background noise. You’ll be able to block everything else out and just focus on mixing or mastering your sound. After this, you’ll need to buy yourself a microphone. As mentioned previously, the in-built one won’t cut it. You need something of a higher quality. He speaks about the 3 different types they typically come in. Listen to what he has to say and maybe review some options yourself to suit your own budget.

A DAW is a digital audio workstation. This is where the magic really happens. It’s a program you run within your computer where you can record various layers. Record guitar sounds, and you’ll be able to see it appear within your DAW. There are so many software programs that you really need to look into which is best for you. Your music will be mixed and mastered here, so it’s important you find one that you get on with. He talks in depth about all the equipment you need to get yourself started, so this video is really useful. Take some notes and follow his advice, because often beginner musicians think they need to spend more than they really do. Don’t forget further down the line you can upgrade things. You don’t need everything to be top of the range straight away.

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