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It can be really difficult to learn how to network. When you’re coming into an industry, it seems like everyone knows each other and you’re left in the dark. However, there are ways you can become part of this. RocketReach allows you to access the email addresses of different companies so you can reach out to them yourself.

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What is RocketReach?

RocketReach is an online service that allows you to access information about various businesses, brands and creatives. It acts as a way of expanding your contacts and creating potential relationships with other creators. It’s usually difficult to find a way of reaching out to a business and that’s why RocketReach was created.

Use it to grow your reach. They offer multiple payment plans so you can set something that suits you. However, if you’re just looking for a few emails, you can stick with their free option. It’s completely your decision but the tool itself is a vital one. It opens new doors for everyone involved. They have 10.2 million users across the world. Think of how many potential clients that could bring your way. Included with this number are Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook. The email addresses you’ll be provided a verfied so you won’t be playing a guessing game.

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How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on what you’re looking for. Just like many websites, you pay the more you want to use. They do however offer a free version, but this is quite limited. It might be idea for you depending on how many email addresses you want to be able to access within a month. If you’re only looking for a couple then the free version will be perfect for you.

Let’s break it down 👇

Free Plan

No charge, no catch. You don’t even need to input credit card deals. I’m unsure about you but when a company says free and then asks for my bank details I’m clicking straight off… This is different though. Their free plan doesn’t require any of your bank information so you can rest easy. The only limitation is however, you can only search 5 email addresses per month. That could be all that you need, and if it is, great! But, if you need more, keep reading.

Individual Plans

These are different options for someone flying solo. By this, I mean, not a big corporate company or a business trying to gain addresses left, right and centre. This option is for individuals who are looking for various information. You can pay for this either monthly or annually, so you can figure out a plan that works best for you. The pricing you can see below.

RocketReach individual pricing

Teams and Enterprise Plans

When it comes to pricing, you will have to contact them on behalf of yourself or your team. These two plans are for businesses that want to expand their reach and get in touch with potential clients. There are a lot of other features included with these plans that you can’t access via the individual one.

Team and Enterprise Plans

How could it help you?

As mentioned, they have 10.2 million users, so there are a lot of happy customers out there. They deal with some large companies and having access to who you need to reach out to for these businesses is really helpful. It could be exactly what you need. All the information has been verified first, so you know you’re not going to be given the wrong information. Not only can you access email addresses, you can also get your hands on phone numbers and social media accounts. This is for over 450 million profiles and 17 million companies worldwide. It’s highly likely the company you’re looking for, you will be able to find through RocketReach.

You can even add RocketReach to your browser extensions. This means you’ll have it on hand any time you come across a company or business you want to interact with. It can’t guarantee the company will reply. However, getting in touch with the right person is a huge start. It’s much more likely you’ll get a response if you contact the person in charge, rather than a customer support email address.

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