TikTok tactics – brand tips and tricks to going viral on the video sharing app

TikTok is probably one of the best places to go viral. You’ve also got a higher chance of going viral there because people turn to the app for new and exciting content. People aren’t interested in watching just one person over and over. Instead, they’re looking for new faces, which is where you can come in.

Alien costume TikTok

The TikTok generation

Firstly, buy an alien costume, it’s going to make you famous. Ok, I’m kidding. That wasn’t real advice, but they are pretty fun. You need to decide your audience first. If you’re looking to become popular with the 50+ generation, then TikTok probably isn’t for you. Of course, this is an overview, there are many in this age bracket that love the app I’m sure. However, overall, you’re probably looking at anyone from a teenager, right up to mid 30s on TikTok. I guess it depends on what it’s being used for. In a professional sense, a wider variety of people may dabble in TikTok to see what’s current and popular. But, when it comes to swiping through clips for fun, you’re looking at the younger adults.

60% of TikTok users are Gen Z. If you’re not sure what Gen Z refers to then you’re looking at the birth years of 1997-2012. That’s most of the app falling into that age group. So, if you’re looking to promote yourself, your business or your music within TikTok, remember this. It’s less likely to go wild if you’re promoting things that are only relevant with an older generation, because unless these users share your videos with their parents, they just won’t be seen by the right eyes. The powerful thing with Gen Z are they’re completely digital. They’ve pretty much grown up surrounded by the internet and the latest technology. It’s no longer only for the rich and wealthy. Now, anyone has access to the internet.

Online convenience

Buying online is what this generation does. Yes, they also might be a generation that love a thrift store bargain, but overall, they do their shopping online as it’s fast and convenient. They’re so used to turning to the internet for everything that it’s the first place they look for answers. This is where your target market comes in. If you’re appealing to this age group, you need to be promoting on TikTok. That’s exactly where they’ll look. Take a look at previous trends, many have started on the video sharing app. Remember 2020 when everyone started whisking their coffee and adding half a bag of sugar? This all came from a TikTok video that everyone needed to be a part of.

Allowing your products to be available for purchase online will drive sales. It opens your market up to more markets. People don’t have to be local to you and your products to purchase them. Even if people aren’t purchasing right now, they’re still likely to be more interested when they know they can join in and save your items for later. Rather than getting excited over a product or service, only to realise it’s not available in your area. You’re less likely to follow them and their journey then. Taking everything online makes sense. It’s far more likely to capture everyone’s attention than keeping it all old school.

FOMO culture

I guess I briefly touched on this but FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. People hate being in this position. You could argue any age group experiences it, but I’d say Gen Z are one of the most likely to experience this. That’s because like mentioned earlier, their lives are completely online. So, they’ll see their friends hanging out while they’re busy, or they’ll see an event take place that they can’t go to and become jealous. Jealously might not be pretty, but it’s a human trait and one we all experience. You want to play on the idea of FOMO within TikTok, and most importantly make sure it’s not your product or business experiencing it.

Get yourself involved in every trend you can to avoid being part of team missing out. If there’s a trend going round with a dance routine, and you have a clothing brand, make sure you’re wearing clothes from your brand when joining in. Basically, be relevant while also showing off your products. If people start to believe your product or service is the best around, they’ll tell the people they know and share it to their accounts. Suddenly you have even more people viewing your content because the people they’ve told don’t want to be the only ones not understanding this hype. Again, FOMO comes in, and they can’t be the one to miss out on something their friends are loving.

10-second rule

You need to hook people within 10 seconds. If you can capture their attention within such a short amount of time then they might continue to watch. They’re also more likely to look through your other videos which will encourage them to interact with your brand. If you can’t manage to grab their attention within 10 seconds then it’s unlikely they’ll continue to watch your video. After all, first impressions count and TikTok videos are short but sweet. You need to give them a reason to stick around. Whether it be that they’re captured by your personality or you start your video off bold and engaging. It’s completely up to you.

You need to ensure you have a good completion rate. By this I mean, people clicking on your video must stay for the entire clip, otherwise you’re less likely to end up on TikTok’s FYP. If people aren’t engaged quickly, they’ll swipe through to someone else’s video, and they won’t follow your account. Meaning the only time you can hope to capture their attention again is if you do happen to appear on their FYP. It’s unlikely however if they didn’t engage with or watch the whole video.

Going viral will increase your chances of being discovered by not only consumers but also potential other brands who could benefit you. You might discover someone you can team up with and make a collaboration. Or, perhaps you’ll find a larger company willing to sponsor your growth because they believe in you and your products. Using the most current social media platforms will allow you more chance of being noticed. It’s important to be on top of the game if you want to expand your company. Let us know via our socials if you have tried any of our tips and how you’re getting on!

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