Marketing your music in 2022 – a marketing experts guide

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, so we’re here to introduce you to someone who knows a lot. A marketing expert has created a video explaining exactly how you should share your content in 2022. Start the year right and get the most out of your hard work.

Starting off with a really valid point, Adam explains you don’t need to go out and replace all your equipment to perform well. Change is possible, and you can turn your content around. If it’s not currently performing well, you don’t need to throw out your gear and start again. Who has the money for that at the start of their career? Instead, you need to look at other things you can change.

He goes on to talk about an interesting strategy. It seems to be aimed at getting an audience to like you first and in turn they’ll reach for your music. He draws a diagram and speaks about magnetic music marketing. In this diagram you see a chain between an audience, the artist and then the music. So, it is possible that your music isn’t the first thing that needs to catch people’s attention. Mentioned within this video is the idea that an advert for a video or a song on Spotify isn’t always going to draw people in. If they don’t know you or your sound, why would they randomly click on your adverts and start listening?

Another point he mentions is the factors Visibility, Connection and Offers. Within the visibility section we have social channels, YouTube, podcasts, blogs and social media. Then we move across to the connection idea. This features engaging with others, relationships being formed and from this you’ll gain fans. Then we have offers which are things like your merchandise or shows and gigs. See how these all link into each other. Without one, you can’t have another. They’re all tools to either grow or to achieve once you have grown.

All the points covered in this video are in depth which is great. Often people on YouTube will try to cover far too many points, and you don’t get enough information on each of the points. Adam has stuck to the most important and key factors and has really gone into detail about all of them. Meaning if you put these ideas into practise, you should be able to market your music a lot easier. You’ll start to see results from your marketing once you understand how it all works.

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