Spotify for Artists is now available in 16 more languages than before

Spotify for Artists have aimed to make things more accessible for their users. With Spotify being the top streaming store worldwide, it’s no wonder. They needed to make these steps if they’re going to continue to grow. It now means many more users can access their native language rather than a second language.

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Spotify in 6 new countries

Spotify recently expanded into 6 new countries – Iraq, Libya, Tajikistan, Venezuela, Republic of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since then, they’ve aimed to improve other areas of their platform, including making Spotify for Artists more accessible. They’ve now added 16 more languages to their platform than they previously had. This means far more users will be able to select their native language, which is great news because everyone should be able to access the tools.

In 2017 Spotify for Artists launched their app which allows artists and their management team to add a canvas, update their bios, playlists and track their performance overall. It was a huge step that put them aside from their competitors because it’s easy to use and even easier to become a part of. Spotify for Artists allows all artists the chance to look into their insights and personalise their page. That way it appears how they want their fans to see it, rather than this being decided for them. Before now there has only ever been one spoken language on Spotify for Artists.

Spotify have said their aim is for the music industry to become closer and easier to use for everyone involved in it. By giving artists these tools, it allows them to grow and shape their career fairly. It stops some artists being given an advantage over others. You deserve the same opportunity no matter where in the world you’re based, and it’s great to see Spotify acknowledging this.

Spotify for Artists 16 new languages

Now you’ll be able to have the app in Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Czech, Dutch, European French, European Spanish, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Polish, Spanish for Latin America, Swedish and Turkish. These will all be included within the Spotify for Artists latest updates. Make sure if you haven’t already, that you go ahead and download the updates. You can access this both on web and on the mobile app. So, wherever you typically use this platform, you’ll be able to see these changes.

This is likely to encourage more artists to use the platform because it opens doors that were previously closed. No longer do people have to rely on translation tools to pursue a music career. They can update all the same features every other artist can. Spotify have even said they plan to add further languages down the line. Although which and when hasn’t yet been revealed. It looks like they’ve made these changes because of the large amount of non-native English language artists within their app now. The more it grows, the more they will need to continue to accommodate for this.

With this crowd being brought in more and more, it’s also bringing in more fans from across the world. Meaning there’s no reason why Spotify shouldn’t make these changes. With Bad Bunny being the most streamed artist for 2 years running, it’s about time they appeal to artists like him. He’s known for being the Puerto Rican star, so it’s only right he should be able to use all tools in his native language. Otherwise, they’re putting blocking barriers in the way of many artists.

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