5 steps to getting yourself verified on TikTok

Since TikTok is the most popular app ever right now. Seriously, you’re lying if you say you’re not obsessed. It’s got everyone glued to their phones. You know you’ve made it in life if you get one of those shiny blue ticks on the app of all apps. How do you get verified on TikTok though? Well, buckle your seatbelts friends because we’re about to go on a ride.

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Spending a fortune on acting school is no longer necessary. You don’t need to be a great actor/actress to make a name for yourself on the screens. Being scouted and discovered has changed drastically. Now, all you really need, is to go viral. Easiest way to do that? TikTok of course. Everyone who’s anyone is using it. You could go from a humble nobody, to a TikTok star in hours. It’s all about the content and the right people seeing it. The main goal is to gain yourself one of those blue ticks though right? We already know how powerful they are on other platforms.

1️⃣ Figure out what you’re about

Try to find your niche early on. Of course with places like TikTok the whole point is to change it up. If you’re posting the same content all the time, you’re probably going to come across as boring. TikTok definitely isn’t the place for boring. What we mean by finding your niche though is, if one day you’re posting music content about your upcoming release, then the next you switch to cooking videos – it’s going to look a little confusing.

We’re all for you showing your personal life to your followers. In fact, we actively encourage it. Maybe hold back until you’ve really centred in on what you’re all about first. Once you start getting known for something, you’ll be able to expand and grow. The TikTok viral dances are a good example of this. Many TikTok stars started out by personalising the latest dance trends. Now they’re known on the platform, they can branch out into other avenues.

2️⃣ Get yourself verified on other platforms first

It’s a little more difficult to become verified on TikTok, but being verified on other platforms could help you out here. Having the verification tick on another social platform will show TikTok you’re something worth watching. Since you can apply to be verified on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, it’s worth getting your tick status there first before trying to tackle TikTok.

Social media platforms will only verify you if they believe you have a certain social status. This doesn’t mean you need thousands of followers. If they see you as in the public interest and with potential to be duped, then they’re likely to approve your verification request. If you can secure a tick on all other platforms, TikTok are far more likely to gift you with one.

3️⃣ Expose yourself

No, not literally. There’s no need to tell the world your deepest darkest secrets. We don’t need to hear that you still sleep with a nightlight on or that you have a lucky pair of socks that you couldn’t possibly record music without. Keep those ones to yourself…

What we’re after is you getting yourself some exposure. Get featured everywhere and anywhere you possibly can. Whether it be on blogs, social media, the radio, anywhere you can think of, just do it. The more hype you have behind your name, the more you stand out. It’s far more likely TikTok will turn your normal account into an elite account if you’ve been featured somewhere. You’re not here to fit in, right? That’s the point. You want to stand out, so make sure you do. Believe us when we say, places are always looking for features. It may seem impossible to get mentioned by these different companies, but they need you just as much as you need them. They want new, fresh content. That could be you!

4️⃣ Stay relevant

Some friendly advice, don’t become that tech-phobic person who should probably stay clear of the internet. Unless that’s your niche. Then you do you. You need to stay current if you want to stay relevant. Unfortunately trends change like the wind. It’s not a good look to suddenly start posting videos from a trend that has unfortunately passed on. Keep track of what’s happening in the world of social media. On a place like TikTok it’s very easy to see what’s popular. When something takes off, everyone joins in.

If you look like a lost puppy, you’re probably going to be fed to the sharks. By sharks, we mean those awful internet trolls that force their unhappiness onto everyone else. It’s unlikely your content will take off if you’re jumping on a trend that’s long gone because people will have moved on. They’ll be hyping up the next thing. For this reason, we really suggest keeping on top of your game. If there’s a new dance routine, join in. You’re far more likely to go viral if you are posting the things people are searching for. If you go viral, you’re more likely to earn your tick.

5️⃣ Go viral

You probably read that title and thought, well duh that’s the whole point. Hear us out though first. Going back to the previous point about being relevant, the more content you do that’s on trend, the more likely you are to go viral. Since TikTok videos are so short and snappy, it’s arguably easier for people to see what you post. That’s why you need to get on board with trends instantly. Always be prepared to get a new video posted.

If you’re on TikTok’s radar, their team are more likely to level you up. So create content worth sharing. The for you pages are where your content needs to be. It will boost your following drastically and encourage more people to view your videos. TikTok are always watching.

Don’t let the verification process consume you. TikTok can be picky. Even some accounts with a huge following don’t get verified. These are the best ways to increase your chances though. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll follow in other social media platforms footsteps and let users apply for verification themselves. For now though, the best thing you can do is create ace content and follow their rules carefully. Encourage your fans to share your work, and you might just strike lucky. Be aware of the scammers though, you can’t buy your blue tick. No matter what they tell you.

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