How do I get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube?

Known as an OAC for short, it gets you a fancy little music symbol next to your artist name on YouTube. Not only do you look flashy, but you also have more customisation features. It’s the ultimate YouTube collab. Your topic channel and your regular channel become linked. Like the Spice Girls said when 2 become 1

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❓ What is an Official Artist Channel?

YouTube give artists the option to combine their normal channel with their topic channel. It makes it easier for your fans to find you because they aren’t clicking between two different YouTube channels. Everything is in one place. You have the chance to customise your page which topic channels unfortunately don’t allow. Watch YouTube’s video about this super cool mash-up option👇

❔ How do I get an Official Artist Channel?

You’ll need your label or distributor to help you with this one. They’ll need to be a part of YouTube’s Partner Programme. To qualify for an OAC, you’ll need at least one official music video on your artist channel and one release distributed to a topic channel through your label or distributor.

Your label/distributor will advise you whether your application can be sent to YouTube or not. Please be patient with them however as YouTube have a lot of requests coming their way, so it seems they are delayed with these channel upgrades.

📌 PUSH Tip: Your distributor/label cannot submit a request if your release is on a Various Artists topic channel. These should be automatically moved to your own channel after 30 days, but YouTube sometimes experience delays with this.

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