How to get a cheaper Spotify music subscription

Spotify has launched a music-only option for all those looking to stream without the need for audiobooks. This will come in at £1.00 less per month, and is only for UK listeners.

Spotify has launched a new subscription tier. It’s above the free version that comes with adverts, but below the more expensive tier. The new tier is called Basic Individual (seems a bit of a harsh name when you’re still paying for their service…).

This new tier is for music-only, well, so they advertise. However, you can still access podcasts too, they seem to fall under the list. The tier essentially eliminates the use of their audiobooks, which are a fairly new feature to the platform.

Although, in saying that, for those who choose to carry on paying the extra for audiobooks, you can still only access 15 hours per month. So, what really are you paying for? Limited access to a feature, essentially. It doesn’t seem completely fair.

The Basic tier will cost £10.99 per month, compared to the next tier, the Premium Individual tier which is £11.99 and includes, as mentioned above, unlimited music streaming and 15 hours of audiobook listening each month. You can see all the UK plans below.

How to get a cheaper Spotify music subscription. Photo of a variety of Spotify plans.
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Spotify have also increased the subscription cost for their US users. However, this is just an increase, without optional changes or moving to a music-only plan. The UK subscription was increased with immediate effect. Whereas the US users have until July for this increase.

It does seem Spotify will be adding this tier system to their US platform shortly. So, soon, American users can access a music-only tier if they wish. This pricing point will sit at $10.99. These changes came after arguments with publishers and songwriters.

They were annoyed (and rightfully so) that they were being paid less in mechanical royalties since Spotify introduced a ‘bundle’ deal combining audiobooks and music. Following this, Spotify introduced an audiobook only tier within the US for $9.99 per month.

Now, it seems they’re doing the same, but for music. So, users can choose between having it all, or just part of it. However, those who pay for the audiobook tier will still have access to music, but through an ad-supported system like free users do. sign up for free GIF
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