Spotify have expanded into Canada, Ireland and New Zealand with their 250,000 audiobooks

Spotify’s audiobooks feature has proven to be quite popular. Now, even more users across the world will be able to access over 250,000 audiobooks. All you’ll need, is a Spotify Premium account to get started.

Spotify Premium users in Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand will now be able to access audiobooks. They can now listen to their favourite stories, or novels by their most loved authors while on the go. This feature within Spotify allows for a lot more freedom when it comes to reading. It enables those with busy lifestyles to open their minds.

While many of us find reasons as to why we can’t sit down with a book and read, audiobooks don’t allow for these excuses. Instead, audiobooks allow all of us, even those of us with the busiest of lives, to get lost in a fantasy, or escape to a forgotten time. Spotify adding audiobooks means we can all find the time for books, even if someone else is reading them.

Premium users in these regions will be able to access up to 15 hours every month. Which, allows them to get through multiple books depending on the length of the stories. This is in addition to their music and podcast subscription. Spotify users will see this option from the 9th April onwards. It’s already proving popular in the US, UK, and Australia.

With over 250,000 titles already added, and more said to be uploaded over time, it’s no surprise why it’s so popular. More listeners than ever are tuning in to an audiobook. In fact, Spotify even reached out to popular authors from Canada, New Zealand and Ireland to share some of their favourite books. Perhaps this will inspire listeners to engage with reading.

Are you an audiobook listener? Perhaps you’re a reader yourself and want to explore this new option. Or, maybe you’re someone who doesn’t read and doesn’t see the point. Well, either way, why not give it a go? If it’s in your region, and it’s free, it would be silly to ignore it. Try it for yourself if you haven’t already and sit back and relax. sign up for free GIF
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