Spotify’s new addition – desktop miniplayer

A long awaited feature has finally been added. Spotify desktop miniplayer allows listeners to see what they’re listening to, and skip, without having to switch from their current screen.

Great news for Spotify users! The popular music streaming service has finally added a feature that users have been requesting for a long time: the miniplayer. This new addition to the desktop app allows you to enjoy quick access to playback controls while you focus on other tasks. Allowing you far more flexibility as you get stuck into work.

What you need to know about the Spotify desktop miniplayer

Quick payback access: The miniplayer is a resizable floating window that lets you control your music playback. All without having to switch back to the main Spotify app. You can change tracks, select playlists, and adjust the volume right from the miniplayer. It allows you to continue doing whatever it is you’re doing while on your computer.

Easy access: To launch the mniplayer, simply click on a square icon located on the lower right side of the Spotify app. This can be found next to the standard playback controls. Once clicked, a floating window will appear next to the main application. You can then reach for it, and change your track at any point, as it’s right there on your screen.

Versatile: The miniplayer can be resized to suit your preferences. It can function as a square window, perfect for watching videos. Or as a thinner bar that is less obtrusive. It provides essential controls like play/pause and skip track options. Along with details about the current track and album art. With it being resizable, you are in control.

No need for third-party apps: With the introduction of the miniplayer, Spotify aims to address the needs of users who previously relied on third-party apps to access similar features. This includes apps like Alfred Spotify Mini Player and SpotMenu. The miniplayer fills a gap that many users felt was missing from the Spotify experience.

Rolling out to premium subscribers first: The miniplayer feature is currently being rolled out to Spotify Premium subscribers initially. However, there’s a possibility that it may become available to users on the free plan in the future. Keep an eye out for the little square toggle appearing on the lower right side of your desktop app to access the miniplayer soon.

Overall, the introduction of the miniplayer enhances the Spotify experience, allowing users to enjoy seamless music playback while multitasking on their desktop. Whether you’re working, studying, or simply browsing the web, the miniplayer ensures that your music is always just a click away. It gives you full control. Letting nothing get in the way. sign up for free GIF
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