PUSH 101: what are link conversions & what do they mean?

Conversions are one of the most basic, honest and important forms of insights you should know about. Learn what they are and what they mean for your promotional campaigns.

What are conversions?

Fan Link performance

When a fan lands on your campaigns’ landing page and clicks through to one of the links listed, this is known as a conversion. Fans that open your campaign links but do not follow through and click on any links, do not count as conversions.

Visits show you how many people have clicked on your link and viewed your landing page, however it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve followed through and navigated to any of your content/platforms.

Any visitors that haven’t clicked on a link and ‘converted’ are referred to in the industry as ‘drop off’.

PUSH also displays success rate within it’s interface. This is self explanatory; the higher the number of conversions in relation to the visits, the higher the success rate.

What do they mean?

The higher the number of conversions you have the better. It shows that your fans find your landing page engaging and they want to interact with your content.

Fan Links with high numbers of conversions mean fans are clicking through and are actively seeking out your linked content. In the PUSH interface, you can see which of your links has performed best and which have been less popular.

Pre-saves with lots of conversions is a fantastic sign. It shows you that your fans are clicking on your link with intent, and are eagerly Pre-saving your upcoming release. Remember, the more Pre-saves you get, the better chances of your track being included on stores’ editorial playlists.

Content Unlocks with good conversion numbers prove that your fans are enjoying what you’re offering as a reward, and your required social actions are feasible. An excessive number of social actions, or an uninspiring reward is likely to reduce your conversion rate and deter fans.

How can I increase my conversion rate?

👁️ Make your landing pages more eye-catching. This will grab your fans’ attention and attract them in to clicking on the links in your beautiful landing page.

🎁 If using a Content Unlock, low conversion numbers might be because your description is lacking and uninspiring, or because the reward is uninteresting. Make your description more attractive or try a different reward, or even both!

🔗 Your Fan Link could be limited in the links it contains. If you’ve only provided a link to one social platform, then you’re limiting your fan base to people who use that specific platform. Make sure you add in a variety of links to keep it accessible. Also make sure you’ve included links to all of your content, that includes collaborations and interviews on others’ websites.

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